7 Concealer Tips You Need To Know

Concealer is often the savior of our makeup routine, hiding all sorts of blemishes, dark circles & imperfections. This multi-tasking product is quite often on our desert island makeup bag list, but to fully take advantage of all its face-saving benefits, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 concealer tips & tricks to make your makeup routine easier, quicker & flawless.

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1 – Apply your foundation first

This isn’t just a concealer tip, you guys, we’re all about money-saving. If you pop your concealer under your foundation then you are often in danger of wiping it off, meaning you need more to cover up! Apply your foundation first, then you can see just how much coverage you’ll need with the concealer.

2 – Define your features

If you want a showstopping makeup look, then pat just a few dots of concealer around your brows and your lips, blending in well. This will define your lips, and make that arch look extra fierce.

3 – Go lighter to brighten

An oldie but a goodie, choose a concealer shade lighter for concealing under-eye dark circles. The lighter shade will help to brighten your eyes, which is perfect if you are trying to cheat 8 hours sleep! Using an eye cream with your concealer as well to help reduce any puffiness.

4 – Put a ring (finger) on it

When applying concealer, you want maximum coverage but also a delicate touch, especially if you have sensitive skin. Use your ring finger to dab in, as this will help you conceal any imperfections but is also the lightest touch, making it perfect for applying concealer.

5 – Let it set

For maximum coverage, apply your concealer then let it set for a few minutes. This process helps to thicken up the formula, so that you when you blend it in you can get flawless coverage, concealing imperfections with less product.

6 – Clean up makeup mistakes

We’ve all been there, when you’re in a rush, mistakes happen. It’s cool, we all do it. This is where concealer becomes a 5 minute saviour. Use to sharpen up your feline flick, or cover a makeup smudge. If it’s skin toned, no-one will know!

7 – Pat, don’t smear

It’s so tempting to apply concealer in the same way that you would foundation, but hold it folks, because if you rub in your concealer, you will fall into the trap of actually rubbing it off! Pat in your concealer with your ring finger to make the most of the product.

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Posted by Charlotte on 2nd June at 12.10 in Guides