How to get perfect eyebrows

The bold, beautiful brows trend is going nowhere, but getting flawlessly defined eyebrows is easier than you think! With The Supermodel Brow Lift eyebrow kit, Charlotte has provided you with everything you need in order to get brows straight off the catwalk, so we’re showing you how to get perfect eyebrows in 5 easy steps. You can get a browformation in seconds!

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Perfect eyebrows step by step guide

5 steps to perfect eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows guide

Step 1: Define your perfect brow shape using our diagram. They should start in line with the inner corner of your eye, arch diagonally to your pupil from your nose, and finish in line diagonally from your nose with the outer corner.

Step 2: Pat in The Retoucher concealer with your fingers around your eyes to disguise any imperfections, so you can have a flawless canvas to start with.

Step 3: Use the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel to brush up your brows and help fill in any sparse areas.

Step 4: Using the pointed end of the Brow Lift eyebrow pencil, mimic your natural hair with short upward strokes to further define and sculpt your brows.

Step 5: Highlight the arch of your brow with the other end of the Brow Lift to show off your definition!

Top tip: Clamp your lashes with the Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler and apply lashings of Full Fat Lashes mascara (both included in the Supermodel Brow Lift kit!) for an effortless, off-duty model look.

You can go one step further with this look and get the ultimate cat-eye gaze with our Feline Flick step-by-step guide for a finished look in minutes!

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