My 10 Iconic Looks Blog Exclusive

Since launching my makeup revolution, I have loved how much you have embraced the makeup wardrobe of ten looks at the heart of my collection. I have designed each signature look to represent a different woman for any occasion, personality or mood.

Starting next week, look out for guest blogs and a series of mini films from 10 women who capture the essence of my 10 iconic looks. I am excited to share with you their daily beauty routines, beauty icons and secret magic makeup tricks. Alongside these exclusive guest blog posts I will also be launching my Makeup Wardrobe Wheel; spin the wheel to reveal my application secrets and exciting new how to videos.

Take a journey with me as I step into each of their worlds to explore these inspirational, beautiful women and ask yourself -who will you be today?

Posted by Charlotte on 2nd August at 14.32 in News