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Airbrush Bronzer Open Pack Shot

Airbrush Makeup Icons

Be one of the FIRST to shop Charlotte’s NEW! beautifying AIRBRUSH makeup ICONS! Discover that FLAWLESS SUMMER FEELING with Charlotte’s NEW! MAGIC MATTE, SMOOTHING-EFFECT Airbrush Bronzer, AIRBRUSH the look of your complexion with The Air Brush Kabuki-style bronzer brush and create a SMOKEY, SUN-KISSED-effect gaze with the NEW! Luxury Palette of Mattes in Desert Haze! Airbrush Bronzer is a MAGIC, HYALURONIC ACID-INFUSED, CASHMERE SILK-EFFECT matte bronzer available in 4 DREAMY shades to SMOOTH the appearance of your skin and create the appearance of a bronzed, sun-kissed complexion! Apply with Charlotte’s REVOLUTIONARY, retractable bronzer brush, The Air Brush, before creating dusk-time DREAMY eyes in hues of peach and terracotta-brown with Luxury Palette of Mattes in Desert Haze!