6 Party Lipstick Looks

Now that October is here, it’s time to start planning your party season makeup looks to mesmerise. With gorgeous eye makeup courtesy of the Stars-in-your-Eyes Palette, it’s time to focus on the lips. Charlotte Tilbury has a BRAND NEW lipstick texture: Superstar Lips combines the high shine of a lipgloss with the staying power of lipstick for a luminous, rich, glossy finish.

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6 Party Lipstick Looks featuring new Superstar Lips

What makes Superstar Lips magic?

Polymers create a soft, silky-feeling film to enhance wear, imparting a luscious, shiny finish.

Emollient Oil has brilliant spreading properties with a rich feel that leaves your lips with a heavy gloss.

Magic Diamond Powder for sparkling photo luminescence to dazzle and delight!

Waxes that add a soft, cushiony feel to your lips.

Hyaluronic acid which is used to help hydrate skin due to its high water holding capacity.

Peptides that help to maintain the youthful appearance of skin.

Shades of Superstar Lips

Sexy Lips Lipstick

Sexy Lips is a nude peach shade that oozes sex appeal.

Wild Lips Lipstick

Wild Lips is a berry pink shade, wild by name, wild by nature!

Pillow Talk Lipstick

Pillow Talk is the best-selling iconic dreamy nude pink shade in this brand new formula.

Walk of Shame Lipstick

Walk of Shame: the award-winning berry rose pink shade in the new glossy texture.

Happy Lips Lipstick

Happy Lips: an uplifting coral shade for a pretty pink lip look.

Confident Lips Lipstick

Confident Lips is a berry shade for a sultry blackcurrant stain that demands attention!

How To Apply Superstar Lips

  1. Line your lips with your matching Lip Cheat lip liner, slightly overlining for a fuller-looking pout.
  2. Apply Superstar Lips straight from the bullet for gorgeous, sumptuous kissable lips.

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Posted by Charlotte on 5th October at 09.21 in News