The Natural Effortlessly Cool Makeup Look

We all aspire to be the ‘girl-next-door’, with that effortlessly cool makeup that always looks fresh and natural. With glowing, flawless-looking skin that never looks heavy, and a minimal foundation routine, this is quick and easy makeup for every day wear.

Charlotte Tilbury’s NEW! Magic Away concealer covers any under-eye circles, imperfections or blemishes for flawless-looking skin. For a fresh-faced, glowing complexion, simply pair with Wonderglow face primer.

How To Get An Effortlessly Natural Makeup Look

Step 1: Start every makeup look with a nourishing skincare routine. Apply Charlotte’s Magic Cream to your face and neck, massaging in for a hydrated complexion.

Step 2: Dot the Magic Eye Rescue eye cream all around your under-eye and delicate eye area. Tap in with your ring finger to help the formula absorb.

Step 3: Apply Wonderglow all around your face and neck. If you want extra coverage, then use your fingers to apply Light Wonder foundation, or go without for a relaxed, dewy look.

Step 4: Take the Magic Away concealer and apply to any blemishes, dark circles or imperfections. Tap in with your finger to blend.

Step 5: For smoother-looking skin, finish by applying the Airbrush Flawless Finish around your t-zone

Effortlessly Natural Makeup Essentials:

Charlotte's Magic Cream moisturiserMagic Eye CreamWonderglow face primer

Charlotte’s Magic Cream | Magic Eye Rescue | Wonderglow

Magic Away ConcealerAirbrush flawless Finish Powder

Magic Away | Airbrush Flawless Finish