Introducing Pillow Talk… The Next Chapter

She fell in love with the perfect lip, and then she wanted more…

Like all great love affairs, the world falls for their iconic story over and over again…and this one continues with a long, lusted-after Pillow Talk look to continue the romance…

Introducing the eyeshadow palette and blusher of your dreams… Charlotte’s NEW! extension to the universally-loved, award-winning Pillow Talk shade.

Discover the Pillow Talk Love Story

Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk

Introducing the ultimate soft, young, fresh, just-kissed blush that is the secret to beautifully blooming cheeks! A cashmere bouquet of naughty, pink-crushed hues with a skin-brightening, gold-flecked lilt. This is the blush that mimics the dreamy complexion that everyone wants!

Cheek to Chic blush in Pillow Talk
Following the popularity of Charlotte’s Swish & Pop blush technique, the new Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic introduces Swish & Glow. One swish applies a soft pink warmth to the cheeks whilst the glow candle-lights Charlotte’s signature glow.

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How To Apply:

The secrets to a glowing, just-kissed blush de-coded into a two step “SWISH & GLOW” ritual for a flawless colour finish every time…

Step 1: SWISH – add a pop of colour to the cheeks in an instant with my Blusher Brush

Step 2: GLOW – swirl the brush into the glow shade and apply to the apples of the cheeks, sweeping up along the cheekbones

Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk

This is the ultimate soft contouring, easy-to-use, supermodel eye palette.  The dreamy-eyed palette is enriched with four fresh, pretty, pink hues… it transforms every woman’s eyes to be alive with first love, and poised to mesmerise.

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Pillow Talk

As with all of Charlotte’s Luxury Palettes, the Pillow Talk palette is designed to take you from desk to dusk to disco. Created with the same PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE, POP sequence, you can dial them up or down like an old-fashioned telephone.

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How To Apply:

Step 1: Using a Blender Brush, take the PRIME shade all over the lid up to the brow bone.

Step 2: Apply the ENHANCE shade on to the lid and into the socket line

Step 3: Next, focus the SMOKE shade on the outer V corner of the eye, making sure to blend, blend, blend

Step 4: For night-time drama, add a touch of the POP shade into the centre of the lid with your finger for mesmerising and enchanting eyes.