Lipstick To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Create the illusion of a dazzling, whiter-looking smile with your lipstick – yes, really! The power of makeup has no limits! Forget about sensitivity-inducing whitening strips or expensive whitening treatments, all it takes is a swipe of the right lipstick to make your teeth look whiter. This magic lies in cooler-toned lipsticks with purple or blue undertones. These undertones can help cancel out yellow hues to your teeth caused by certain foods, such as coffee and wine.

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Red Lipsticks

Screen Siren Hollywood Lips lipstick

For a bold red lip, try a cooler toned lipstick with blue undertones to cancel out any yellowness on your teeth. We LOVE Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red, in a shade to light up your party makeup, or for an everyday pop of colour. A red lipstick can transform your makeup, inspired by the timeless Hollywood beauties from the silver screen. You can perfect your application by following our guide on how to apply red lipstick.

Pink Lipsticks

Dolly Bird Hollywood Liquid Lipstick_Summer Lip Colours

For those of you who favour a pretty pink lipstick look, a paler pink can create the illusion of whiter looking teeth with the cool undertones in the formula. Contrast your pink lipstick with a sexy smokey eye for a fabulous date night look. If you favour a liquid matte lip look, the Hollywood Lips in Dolly Bird is a playful pink shade that will brighten your makeup. Or you can go bold with the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Velvet Underground for a fierce, statement lip in a moisturizing formula.

Nude Lipsticks

super cindy lipstick on model

Nude lipsticks don’t immediately spring to mind when trying to make your teeth look whiter, but the secret is to go for brown shades rather than orange. Think 90s-inspired lip looks with Hot Lips in Super Cindy and Hollywood Lips in Best Actress for creamy nude brown shades that will help to give you a dazzling smile.

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