Wearable Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner has been everywhere this past year on the runway, and it’s going nowhere for SS18! This trending beauty look is bringing couture makeup into everyday wear, creating shapes and lines with colour and eyeliner on your eyelids. However, this modern trend is harder to wear, especially if you’re trying to master a feline flick. So we’ve compiled our top 4 tips on how to create a wearable graphic eyeliner look that you can dress up or dress down.

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Colourful Winged Eyeliner

Wearable graphic eyeliner looks using eyeshadow pencil

Why not mix up your usual black eyeliner with a colourful winged eyeliner look. This is a great way to combine your eyeshadow and eyeliner looks in one, for quick and easy makeup that is right on trend! Simply take an eyeshadow pencil like our Colour Chameleon, and create a feline flick, making sure your pencil is sharp. Don’t worry about a super neat line, you can use a Smudger Brush to blend any edges for a sexy, smoked-up rock chick look.

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Extend Your Feline Flick

Wearable graphic eyeliner by extending feline flick

Create a fierce, elongated eye by extending your feline flick past your inner corner of your eyelid. This is a really easy way to get on board the graphic eyeliner trend that you can still wear for work and other daytime makeup looks. Either start your feline flick further down past your inner corner, or do your usual feline flick, adding in the extended line after.

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Exaggerated Eyeliner: Extreme Cat Eye

Wearable graphic eyeliner with extreme eyeliner

Go couture with your graphic eyeliner! Thicken your eyeliner gradually to your preference for a modern look that’s been spotted on the runway this past season. Forgo your eyeshadow for this fierce black eyeliner look that will add a modern edge to any outfit but isn’t too extreme that you can’t wear it every day!

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Light Eyeliner

Wearable graphic eyeliner with nude eyelinerWearable graphic eyeliner nude eyeliner swatch

Swap out your dark colours for a fresh take on the graphic eyeliner trend this spring. Try your usual feline flick with a nude or white eyeliner like our Rock ‘n’ Kohl eyeliner in Eye Cheat. This will brighten your eyes and give you an edgy new look for spring! For an even more subtle look, try outlining your lower lash line with this kohl eyeliner to open up your eyes.

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Posted by Charlotte on 17th January at 09.30 in Trends