The Beauty Glossary

Beauty trends are always changing, and with such a fast-moving pace, it can be hard to keep up! From the classic feline flick to the strobing trend, we have broken down some of the most popular beauty terms to create a beauty glossary!

Contouring – The beauty staple. Contouring is creating an illusion of more sculpted facial features, by shading lower areas of your face (such as the hollows of your cheekbones) and highlighting the higher areas (like your cheekbones).

Cut-crease – Using a dark eyeshadow in the crease of your eyes to create a sharp contrast with the rest of your lighter eyeshadow.

Décolletage – This is referred to as the collarbone, neck and chest areas. The skin here is super delicate, so you should treat it with as much TLC as you do your face!

GLOWMO – When you look & feel like your most glowing!

Feline flick – Also known as a cat-eye. This is an eyeliner technique that involves extending your eyeliner out past the outer corner of your eye to create a ‘wing’. This gives your eye a slightly cat-like effect.

Hyperpigmentation – Discolouration of the skin, which can be caused by acne, trauma and your genes. Our Magic Foundation is perfect for evening out skin tone.

Non-touring – The opposite of the contouring trend! This is about using light, fresh-faced coverage to give you dewy, highlighted perfection. Use a tinted moisturiser to create a glowing healthy look, then apply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose and cupid’s bow for a flawless look.

Overline – Get on board the fuller, bigger looking lips trend easily with overlining. This is when you draw your lip liner slightly over your natural lip line to create the illusion of a more voluptuous pout.

Primer – Getting back to basics, a primer is what you apply before your foundation, either for extra staying-power or giving a luminous lit-from-within glow before extra coverage with your foundation.

Strobing – Strobing is the process of highlighting all the higher points of your face to capture light and reflect back out, such as your cheekbones & temples.

Swatching – You’ll have heard this term regularly if you are an avid beauty Youtube subscriber. A swatch is when you test the colour of a product on your skin, usually on the back of your hand or arm, to see how it looks on skin.

Tightlining – Tightlining is when you line the base of your upper eyelashes with eyeliner. This is great for a natural look if you skip the eyeliner on a day-to-day basis but want slightly more definition. It’s equally perfect for amping up a smokey eye with an intense black kohl.

Waterline – The line just above your lower lash line. This is great paired with a dark eyeliner for an intense gaze, or using a lighter colour eyeliner to create bigger, brighter eyes!The Beauty Glossary Charlotte Tilbury makeup