Eyeliner tips for beginners

When you’re just starting out with makeup, or if you’re going a bit more adventurous with your day to day look, perfect the basics with our eyeliner tips for beginners. This guide will keep you covered to master a feline flick and give a few tips for wider, brighter eyes!

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The fool-proof feline flick

The perfect cat eye is what we all aspire to… and it is much easier than you think! Draw your eyeliner from the inner corner to ¾ across your eyelid. For a fool-proof feline flick, look straight in the mirror and dot where you want your eyeliner to end. Then it’s simply connect the dots!

Correct makeup mishaps

We’re not perfect. We make mistakes, especially when we’re trying to do eyeliner on the commute or whilst eating our breakfast! The easiest way to correct a smudge? Dip a cotton bud into your Magic Cream moisturiser and wipe away any mistakes. No-one will ever know!

An alternative to black eyeliner

If you love a defined eye, but not sure whether you want to go for an intense black eyeliner during the day, then why not try a subtle brown liner? Whether you opt for the liquid eye pencil Rock ‘n’ Kohl in Barbarella Brown or The Classic eyeliner in Audrey or Sophia, brown liner is the perfect alternative for day time!

Playful feline flick

Add a playful edge to your feline flick by pulling it down past your tear duct to give that sexy cat-eye a whole new dimension!

Create bigger, brighter eyes

The easiest way to make your eyes look bigger is with a brightening eyeliner. Try the Rock ‘n’ Kohl eyeliner in Eye Cheat. Run this along the waterline of your lower and upper lashes to make your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake!

Feline flick eyeliner tips

Posted by Charlotte on 17th May at 13.50 in Guides