Makeup mistakes & how to fix them

Makeup mistakes happen. But don’t accept them, fix them! Most makeup mishaps are easily sorted, so we’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes people make when applying makeup, and given you the easy solutions to fix them. So you can be on your A-Game, all the time!

Smudged eyeliner

We’ve all been there: 5 minutes to leave the house and you decide a feline flick will look fabulous, but in a rush, you smudge! No fear. Always keep a cotton bud handy, and dip this into your Magic Cream moisturiser to neaten any smudges to get a sharp line. Potential crisis averted.

Feline Flick eyeliner

Concealer around lips

You’ve just perfected your red lipstick, and you look great! But now you need to emphasise that pout! Carefully conceal around your lips with The Retoucher concealer to highlight your gorgeous red lips.

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation

This can make or break a look. Always test your foundation in natural daylight so that you find the perfect shade; it should match perfectly. If you need a little help finding your foundation shade, then check out our very handy Foundation Finder.

Magic Foundation & Magic Complexion Brush

Wearing too much powder

No-one likes that cakey-look that can happen when we’re a little liberal with the powder! Use powder only where you need it, lightly dusted down the t-zone and under your eyes for flawless coverage without concealing any of that gorgeous glowing complexion!

Not curling your eyelashes

Curling your eyelashes opens up your eyes, making them look brighter and wider! So make sure you start every makeup look by curling your eyelashes, clamp & hold for 10 seconds on each eye. This will help keep them curled all day & night. Our Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler is the PERFECT solution for this!

Love Team Tilbury xx