Our Favourite Skincare Products for Different Skin Types

Here at Charlotte Tilbury Beauty HQ, we know that when you find the right skincare for you, you hold onto that like you’re never going to let go! We feel you. But finding those holy grail skincare products is never an easy job, so that’s where we step in. We’re sharing our top 5 favourite skincare products for different skin solutions so that you can find your new favourite in SECONDS.

Hydrating your skin

Instant Magic Dry Sheet Face Mask

Suffer from dry, dull skin? Try the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. This little beauty is PERFECT for popping on before drying your hair after you get out of the shower. By the time you’ve dried your hair, you can remove the face mask to reveal gorgeously hydrated, moisturised skin that will leave you glowing.

Lifting your skin

Charlotte's Magic Night Cream

Wake up with firm, refreshed skin when you use the Magic Night Cream moisturiser. When 100% of users agree that their skin feels and looks significantly firmer, then you know you’re onto a winner! Use sparingly and apply in an outwards and upwards motion for best results. You can thank us later.

Brightening your skin

Goddess Skin Clay Mask

We’re busy people, so it’s no wonder we sometimes get a little grey and dull complexion, so in steps the Goddess Skin Clay Mask. Forget everything you think you know about clay masks, because this mask is enriched with oils so it is SUPER moisturising, and is great for popping on for a pamper session!

Decreasing your wrinkles

Charlotte's Magic Cream moisturiser

As we get older and fine lines and wrinkles appear, we use Charlotte’s iconic Magic Cream moisturiser to reduce the appearance of any imperfections. By massaging in a little bit extra into any prominent wrinkles, and gently pinching the skin, it encourages regeneration to keep you looking youthful for longer!

Smoothing your skin

Magic Eye Rescue cream

The Magic Eye Rescue cream for under your eyes is perfect for smoothing out any fine lines. 100% of users who tested the eye cream said that their skin was significantly smoother, which is great! Dot this onto your cheekbones and brow bone, and massage lightly in circular motions to encourage circulation.

Love Team Tilbury xx


Posted by Charlotte on 29th March at 11.28 in News