Darlings, I’m so excited to present my two fabulous ROYAL eye makeup looks: The Sophisticate and Eyes to Mesmerise.

To complete your royal look with my NEW cerise-pink Matte Revolution lipstick ‘The Queen’, you can either use my Luxury Palette:  The Sophisticate or my iridescent Eyes to Mesmerise eyeshadows.

The Queen Lipstick Shade

The ‘Royal Eye’ Skin Prep

Before you pick up your makeup brush, you absolutely must:

Apply my genius Magic Eye Rescue! This miracle vitamin-enriched eye cream instantly plumps out any dehydrated fine lines, repairing and strengthening the delicate eye area and leaving you with a luminous finish!

Curl your lashes! A Wonderbra for the eyes, my incredible Life Changing Lashes opens up the eyes in an instant.

The Royal Look: The Sophisticate


The Sophisticate palette is the perfect royal eye makeup: it’s chic, classic and beautifully polished.

Follow the steps below for my youth-boosted everyday look that’s fit for a queen!

Step 1

Start by using my Blender Brush to wash the vanilla-coloured PRIME shade backwards and forwards across the eyelid in a windscreen wiper motion.

Step 2

Using my Blender brush, take the taupe-y ENHANCE shade and wash across the eyelid, concentrating on the outer corners of the eyes for extra definition.

Step 3

Next, run the chocolate SMOKE shade along the lower and upper lash lines.

Step 4

For added intensity, apply my soft powder Audrey pencil that glides seamlessly over any skin texture. The timeless shade is perfect if black kohl feels too harsh, and yet you still want that gorgeous definition!

Step 5

Finish with lashings of Full Fat Lashes mascara.

The Royal Look: Eyes To Mesmerise


For a gorgeous, gleaming, quick and easy royal eye in seconds, use a wash of my Eyes To Mesmerise shadows. Cooling and refreshing on the eyes, they never sit in lines or creases and play with the light beautifully!

Follow the simple steps below to create a glowing royal look for every woman:

Step 1

Use your fingers to apply Marie Antoinette backwards and forwards across the eyelid for a soft and shimmering look.

Step 2

Take my Smudger brush and run the fresh, modern, mink-y hue along the lower lashline and into the corner of the eye for a mesmerising finish.

Step 3

Apply my Full Fat Lashes mascara for a full and fabulous flutter!

Posted by Charlotte on 1st October at 08.00 in How To