Introducing Guest Blogger Ruth Crilly As The Golden Goddess

Darlings, I am excited to share with you the fourth post in my exciting 10 Women Takeover. Guest blogger Ruth Crilly as The Golden Goddess. Ruth is a fashion model turned writer and founder of the ever popular beauty blog, A Model Recommends. The Golden Goddess is happiest anywhere that’s dripping in Vitamin D. Think tousled hair, a flawless glowing skin, shining eyes and killer cheekbones; relaxed beach chic meets seventies glamour.

Day In The Life: Ruth Crilly

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been given the chance to temporarily take command of someone else’s social media “ship” – and what a grand ship Charlotte Tilbury’s is!

Some people might balk at the responsibility; “it’s like borrowing someone’s Ferrari,” they might say, “aren’t you petrified you’ll crash it?” To that I reply: no! Embrace it! Be thankful that a) you know someone with a Ferrari and 3) they think you’re mentally together enough to drive it. If it comes back with a few dents in it then they’ve only got themselves to blame!

So here we go, dear readers – put those seatbelts on and assume the brace position: Captain Crilly is at the Charlotte Tilbury helm! We start with “A Day in the Makeup Life of (what Charlotte has very kindly named me) a Golden Goddess.

I must say that I don’t wake up very Golden Goddess-like at all; but all of my beauty and makeup preparations are geared around getting that beautiful glow. I don’t start anything remotely taxing until I’ve had my breakfast, and I like to apply makeup once my face has settled into its “awake mode” rather than trying to plaster foundation over a creased, puffy visage.

So, breakfast, face rest and then in with some kind of glowy primer – the ultimate base combo here has to be the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow followed by the Light Wonder Foundation. The Wonder Glow can also be used over the foundation and you can pat a little in on cheekbones and so on if you want to add some perkiness to your makeup throughout the day.

Mostly the rest of my look is kept quite simple – if I’m going for a more “done” face then I might do a golden-bronze smokey eye, or just a wash of pale gold over the lids to make things fresh and awake. A touch of bronzer is a must – I tend to aim for various degrees of “beach skin” all year round, just adjusting the bronze level to suit the time of year.

My hair is usually kept very low-key – I tend to let it dry naturally, with maybe a little product in it, and then wind it into a casual bun. When it’s time to let it down, it’s usually adopted a nice beachy wave and then I just add a touch of serum or oil to the ends to stop things from looking dry.

The Golden Goddess look will more often than not see me through a day of castings or meetings or events or whatever I’m doing, but if I need to ramp things up for the evening I’ll add more definition around the eyes with extra mascara and some brown kohl and I’ll usually add a bit more sparkle too, perhaps to the eyes or cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

I spend half of my time racing about London doing a million and one things and the other half plodding about in the countryside wearing wellies, so there really is no typical day in my life! Though I will admit, the “off duty” Golden Goddess is not quite so groomed or golden – some tinted moisturizer, a lick of mascara and a light brush-over with some pale bronzer is about the limit of it all if I’m at home and incognito.

The entire Golden Goddess gets cleansed off and rinsed down the sink every night before bed (earlier if I’m home for good and kicking off the high heels!) but I’ll usually apply some kind of overnight mask or exfoliant in an attempt to keep that glow going until morning…”

Alongside this guest post is the next in my mini-film series featuring actor and poet, Stella Schnabel. Join me as she rocks the Golden Goddess look and talks the magic behind makeup.

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