Mascara Application Tips: How To Use & Apply Mascara

Discover how to apply mascara to lengthen, volumize and enhance the look of lashes with my mascara application tips on how to use mascara.

Mascara is our staple desert-island makeup product. Who doesn’t love long, fluttering eyelashes? Mastering how to use mascara for a flawless mascara application might not seem like a high priority when you’re trying to perfect your winged eyeliner (which we also have a guide for HERE!), but we need to walk before we can run! Gorgeous, fuller-looking eyelashes are crucial to any makeup look for a polished finish. You can achieve this with our mascara application tips that will leave your lashes volumized, separated and curled, for wide-eyed flutters from dusk ‘til dawn!

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Discover How To Apply Mascara

  1. Three of Charlotte's mascaras including Full Fat Lashes, Legendary Lashes Vol 2 and Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes!

    Step 1: Don’t Pump The Brush

    To get more product on your mascara wand, you might think pumping the wand will be the best way. In fact, pumping the mascara wand will push more air into the tube, so your mascara will dry out quicker. The best way of getting more product on your mascara wand is to slowly twist around the tube. This way you’re not pushing any extra air into the tube, so it shouldn’t dry out.

  2. Bella Tilbury applying Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara in Super Black

    Step 2: Zig-zag motion for fuller lashes

    When applying your mascara, hold the wand at the base of your lashes, and as you drag up, zig-zag the mascara wand gently from side to side. This motion will help create more volume, as you are depositing more product onto your eyelashes. This will give the illusion of fuller, thicker, more voluminous lashes!

  3. A close-up of a mascara application on the lower lashes of a light-tone model with green eyes.

    Step 3: Turn vertically for lower lashes and precision

    To ensure you coat each and every eyelash, turn your mascara wand vertically. The thinner end will help you control your application with more precision, so you can target even those tiny lashes!

  4. Model wearing Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara close up

    Step 4: Scrape off any excess

    Avoid the ‘clumped’ mascara look by scraping off any excess product on the side of the mascara tube so when you apply the mascara wand to your lashes, it’s able to fan out your lashes and separate them for added drama.

  5. Model curling their lashes with Life-Changing Lashes eyelash curler

    Step 5: Curl your lashes before applying mascara

    For the longest lashes of your life, always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Don’t curl after application, as when mascara has dried, it makes your eyelashes more prone to breakage. Treat your lashes properly by curling them before mascara application!

  6. How to use and apply mascara with Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara and the mini version that's perfect for travel

    Step 6: Check the expiry

    If you keep your mascara after its expiry date then you will be more likely to get an eye infection, so always check the label. We recommend replacing your mascara every 6 months.

    More of a visual learner? Watch Charlotte's video on how to apply mascara for a step-by-step breakdown on how to get voluminous and fluttering eyelashes.

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