3 Ways To Use Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream

Discover how to use Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream 3 ways for head-to-toe hydration.

How To Use Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream 3 Ways

  1. Model applying Charlotte's Magic Body Cream onto the hands and elbows

    1. Hydrating Hand Cream

    Did you know that Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream can be used as a hydrating hand cream, darlings? When formulating my high-performance body cream, I wanted to create a lavish cream that feels silky-smooth and would effectively hydrate the body. Hands are notorious for dryness and chapping; people with physically demanding jobs or professions that require rigorous hand hygiene are prone to experiencing dry, coarse-feeling hands, and for that, I can’t recommend my dreamy body cream enough!

    I dreamt up Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream as a solution to help dry, dehydrated skin on the body. Choosing superpowered hydrators like hyaluronic acid, I expertly formulated this body cream with moisture-boosting properties to instantly recuperate the look and feel of dry patches. This rich cream helps hands to feel soft, supple and cushiony to the touch. To apply, rub Charlotte Magic Body Cream between the palms of your hands, then smooth it onto the backs of your hands and between your fingers.

    Tilbury Tip: I love to use Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream 50ml as a handbag-sized hand cream. It’s perfect for keeping my hands feeling magically moisturised on busy press days.

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  2. Charlotte's Magic Body Cream results in 8 weeks reducing the appearance of cellulite

    2. Body Cream to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

    If you experience cellulite or stretch marks and are searching for a body cream that helps to reduce their appearance, you can use Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream as a smoothing, firming-effect body care ritual that helps to make them appear less apparent in as soon as 8 weeks. I formulated this luxurious body cream with body-targeting ingredients ALGAKTIV Uplift Technology™️ and energising caffeine to specifically lift, firm and tone the look and feel of the skin on your body.

    My goal with Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream was to unlock MAGIC SKIN for EVERY BODY! Pairing ingredients from the iconic Magic 8 Matrix that powers my original Charlotte’s Magic Cream with toning and tightening-effect ingredients has unlocked phenomenal results for my NEW! body cream. Applying to areas where cellulite and stretch marks have left skin with dimpled texture and uneven tone helps skin to look visibly smoother and firmer. When used regularly, this supercharged cream can reduce the appearance of cellulite by 60%* and stretch marks by 57%*. Seeing is believing, darlings!

    Learn more about cellulite and discover Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream results after 8 weeks

  3. Model applying Charlotte's Magic Body Cream to the shoulder using Charlotte's Magic Massage technique

    3. All-Over Body Cream

    Inspired by the legacy of Charlotte’s Magic Cream, my instant-turnaround moisturiser that’s loved around the world, I created a NEW! body moisturiser that delivers a radiant body glow with the same star quality that people know and love from my original Charlotte’s Magic Cream face cream. This hydrating body cream is designed to nourish the skin on the body by providing a healthy helping of moisture, promoting smooth, supple-feeling skin with every wear.

    Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream is an IMMEDIATE SKIN REVIVAL for your body! For all-around hydration, massage Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream into the body after you’ve cleansed in the shower and gently towelled yourself dry. Smooth the rich formula onto skin using my Magic Massage technique and it’ll quickly absorb for INSTANT HYDRATION! Apply body cream to your arms, legs, stomach and décolletage and feel magically moisturised while unlocking a FULL BODY GLOW!

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