Introducing Supermodel Body

Discover how to apply Supermodel Body, Charlotte’s body shimmer lotion, perfect to shape, hydrate and glow. Explore Charlotte’s red carpet tips & tricks.

Introducing my brand new product…


Slimmer Shimmer: Shape, Hydrate and Glow

I have poured all makeup artist know-how into creating this incredible slimmer shimmer that acts like a shaping lingerie for the skin, sculpting your contours.

Any stylist will tell you that wearing black slims, streamlines and contours, but white widens. They’re basic laws of art, photography and makeup artistry. I always use the same principles when body contouring. You can elongate and slim by highlighting down the centre, and shading at the edges. I’ve been using this trick on the glorious angels of the runway and stars on the red carpet for years.

Don’t forget to prep the skin first with Multi-Miracle Glow, my cream-to-oil balm, enriched with vitamins and floral extracts for a fresh, dewy, baby-soft finish.

Simply roll my Supermodel Body down the center of your limbs, and then blend out with your hands.

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