Introducing…2 NEW! Iconic Eyeshadow Palettes

Discover Charlotte’s NEW! dreamy eyeshadow palettes including khaki green and copper eyeshadows.

Get ready to discover Charlotte’s NEW! dreamy eyeshadow palettes that are easy-to-choose and easy-to-use for everyone. From a sun-drenched, golden gaze to sultry, khaki green goddess eyes, these luxurious eyeshadow palettes adorn the eyes with glow, sparkle and eye-colour-enhancing magic!

“These are my beauty secrets bottled and brought to you, HOT OFF THE PRESS, HOT OFF THE RUNWAYS, HOT OFF THE RED CARPET!!” - Charlotte Tilbury

Who will you be?


new_iconic_eyeshadow_palettes Create an iconic, glowing, seductive, golden gaze my NEW! Luxury Eyeshadow Palette for The Queen Of Glow look. Featuring four divine, sun-cascading shades of warm bronze, gold, champagne and copper, amplify your glow and dazzle with golden sparkle with this ICONIC palette. Discover the eyeshadows to adorn your eyes with a sun-drenched, euphoric glow…

  • The matte brown SMOKE shade combines deep intensity with extreme softness. Finely milled for a velvety, liquid-like sensorial, it blends beautifully for a sultry, plum-toned contour.
  • The glowing, metallic PRIME and ENHANCE shades use magic double coating technology to create a golden gleam that melts like cream, delivering colour pay off with just one stroke.
  • The vibrant, bronzey POP shade is iridescent, with multi-reflecting pearls to give a glamorous sparkle and luxurious skin-feel.


The Queen of Glow is radiant, pumped-up glamour personified. Perpetually sun-kissed, find her on the red-carpet, robed in gold; or poolside with cat-eye sunglasses and glossy supermodel limbs. The jewel in her beauty crown? Her Beauty Light Wand, of course.

She is the glossy, glamorous woman who GLOWS with love, light and happiness.


new_iconic_eyeshadow_palettes Inspired by the hypnotic gazes of rebels past and present, my super-wearable, super-versatile, super-seductive palette has been REIMAGINED. Discover the NEW! Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Rebel with mesmerising, sultry gold and khaki green eyeshadows for a universally flattering, modern smokey eye for everyone. Explore the eye-enhancing shades…

  • The rich PRIME shade is perfect for applying a sparkling, glowing golden colour to the eyelids!
  • Be a rebel, break the rules and add an unconventional wash of gorgeous molten khaki and shimmering olive-green eyeshadow to your eyes, using the magical ENHANCE and SMOKE shades!
  • Amp it up for a mesmerising, rebellious party look by applying the glowing, mossy gold POP shade to the centre of the eyelid


The Rebel refuses to conform. She DEMANDS constant reimagination. She treats makeup as an art form, mixing colours and textures on the back of her hand like a make-shift palette; dialling up the smoke to mesmerize on a date, adding a POP of sparkle that glitters as she dances. Her go-to smokey eye is an unconventional mossy-green, lit with pearls to hypnotise everyone she meets.

She is a chameleon with colour and not afraid to express individuality through her look!

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Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

With over 30 years experience, Charlotte Tilbury MBE is the world's number 1 makeup artist and British beauty entrepreneur. Charlotte established Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in 2013, which is now a record-breaking beauty brand that has won over 400 awards.