How to draw on freckles with makeup

Find out how to fake freckles for a natural makeup look with our step-by-step guide to drawing freckles on. It's a perfect look for festivals and summer makeup.

Ever want to create that gorgeous makeup that just looks oh-so-natural? That was rhetorical, we all want that! Freckles are key to that cute, natural makeup look that is perfect for summer makeup. But don’t sweat if you aren’t naturally blessed with freckles, we’ve narrowed down a step-by-step guide to getting this key summer trend nailed.

Discover how to use Charlotte's Lip Cheat lip liner to draw on natural-looking freckles that give your complexion an adorable, fresh-faced look.

How To Fake Freckles with Makeup

  1. wonderglow-packshot

    Step 1: Apply base makeup

    Start with a beautiful glowing base, using Wonderglow Face Primer & Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel for an effortless, summer look. Wearing Wonderglow will let your natural skin peak through while creating a gorgeous glow!

    Tilbury Tip: If you prefer a look with more coverage, find your perfect shade of Airbrush Flawless Foundation for a full-coverage look or Charlotte's Beautiful Skin Foundation for a medium-coverage look. Charlotte's foundations help skin to look beautiful and flawless and create the perfect canvas for your fake freckles!

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  2. An open taupe-brown lip liner pencil with its lid next to it and golden-coloured packaging.

    Step 2: Sharpen freckle pen

    Take Charlotte’s ‘instant freckle pen’ Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Foxy Brown & sharpen using the Pencil Sharpener. Foxy Brown is a rich, natural brown shade that mimics the look of nature-given freckles, making it the perfect choice for painting on fake freckles.

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  3. A fair-tone model with green eyes getting freckles drawn on with a light brown eyeliner pencil.

    Step 3: Scatter dots

    With your Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown, scatter dots over your nose, cheeks, and wherever the sun would naturally hit the face. Press lightly and precisely to create a subtle freckle, then blend out with your ring finger for a more diffused look. Depending on your desired fake freckle look, you can go over your dots to build more coverage for more apparent freckles, or use a lighter hand for a more delicate, barely there look.

    Tilbury Tip: Once your freckles are complete, create a matching lip look with Foxy Brown for the perfect brown-nude lip!

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