How To Create The Dream Glow Amethyst Eyeshadow Look using Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise

Discover how to create a magical amethyst-inspired eyeshadow look using Charlotte’s NEW! Instant Eye Palette in Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise!

Enhance your eyes and create magical, bejewelled makeup looks with Charlotte’s NEW! Instant Eye Palette in Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise!

Create 4 glowing, bejewelled eye looks with 12 BRAND NEW! shades. Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise is like instant makeup magic. With PRIME, ENHANCE, and SMOKE shades ready to adorn your eyes, nothing is stopping you from bejewelling your makeup and hypnotising the world!

*“To create my NEW! BEAUTY SECRET, I studied the BEAUTIFYING CRYSTAL GLOW of my favourite JEWELS, the MAGICAL light-play of the Hollywood red carpet and the EYE-BRIGHTENING secrets of soft, shimmering textures to bring you 12 NEW! bejewelled shades to create the eye glow looks of dreams!” * – Charlotte Tilbury

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Discover Charlotte’s tips and tricks for the DREAM GLOW LOOK -- an Amethyst-inspired eyeshadow look that uses heavenly shades of violet-champagne shimmer and gorgeous rich amethyst in dreamy new formulas that brighten the look of and enhance the natural sparkle in your eyes.

How to Create the Dream Glow Amethyst Eyeshadow Look

  1. Single-eye close-up of a deep-tone model with brown eyes wearing shimmery rose gold and purple eyeshadow.

    Magic Step 1: Shine in Violet-Champagne Shimmer

    Apply the violet-champagne shimmer PRIME shade in Charlotte’s NEW! Intense Shimmer Light-Play Texture. Blend across the entire lid for an even, allover wash of gorgeous iridescence. Use the Eye Blender Brush for a flawless blend.

  2. Three shimmery eyeshadows in light champagne, dark rose gold, and amethyst purple.

    Magic Step 2: Add Depth With Warm Violet

    Working from the outer corner of the eye inwards, sweep the warm violet shimmer ENHANCE shade along the lid and throughout the crease for instant depth and definition. The NEW! Soft Shimmer Light-Play Texture formula enhances and brightens the look of your eyes!

  3. Single-eye close-up of a fair-tone model with blue eyes wearing shimmery rose gold and purple eyeshadow.

    Magic Step 3: Amazing Amethyst Metallic

    SMOKE out your look with the amethyst metallic shade and the Eye Smudger Brush. Blend along your upper and lower lash line for smokey definition. For a little extra divine drama, apply to the outer corner of your eye and sweep inwards throughout the crease. Layering shades creates a fabulous, red-carpet-ready eye look.

  4. Mascara in a pink-coloured tube with its gold-coloured lid with a black applicator next to it.

    Magic Step 4: Finish with a Fluttering of Mascara

    Finish your look with lashings and lashings of Charlotte’s NEW! Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara for gorgeous volume and length, and a 24hr weightless vertical lift effect!

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