15 Skincare Tips from The Queen of Glowing Skin

Looking for the secrets to a glowing, healthy-looking complexion? Discover Charlotte’s 15 magical skincare tips to unlock the secrets to achieving MAGIC skin!

Do you dream of having a GORGEOUS and GLOWY-LOOKING complexion? Darlings, you’ve come to the right place. With so many MAGICAL skincare products on offer and a world of advice to discover, it can be difficult knowing where to start when it comes to achieving MAGIC skin.

All in one place, look no further than top skincare advice that’ll transform the look of your skin!

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  1. Travel-size pearly-white cream in a glass jar with a gold-coloured lid, luminous serum in a glass bottle with a white and gold dropper lid, and face cream in a white-coloured bottle.

    TIP 1: Find Your Skin Type

    First thing’s first, discover your skin type. By knowing whether your skin is OILY, DRY, COMBINATION or NORMAL, you can make sure you’re using the best products for your skin and apply them in the right way.

    Discover your skin type

  2. Two facial cleansers, one in lemon-yellow packaging and the other in charcoal-black, with rose-gold coloured lids.

    TIP 2: Apply Your Skincare in the Correct Order

    Charlotte’s research-powered skincare formulas work best when they’re applied in the correct order. By discovering the correct order of skincare products for your routine and layering your skincare products correctly, you can UNLOCK the secret to your BEST COMPLEXION yet.

    Discover the correct order of skincare products for your routine

  3. Glowy, cream-coloured toner in a large clear bottle with a silver-coloured lid.

    TIP 3: Cleanse and Tone in the AM and PM

    Darlings, cleansing and toning your face should be done twice a day for a FRESH, SMOOTH and HYDRATED-LOOKING complexion. Charlotte’s face cleansers help to remove any dirt, sweat, excess oil, dead skin cells and residue makeup for RADIANT LOOKING skin, while Charlotte’s face toners refine your pores for skin that looks RENEWED.

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  4. A primer in a white-coloured tube with a white-coloured lid with text on it that reads, 'invisible UV Flawless poreless primer SPF 50 PA++++'.

    TIP 4: Wear SPF Every Day

    Darlings, the sun can damage your skin and this is why it’s so important to wear a daily SPF. Charlotte’s Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer is a sunscreen and primer in one, flooding your skin with HYDRATION and SPF 50 protection. It’s the last product to apply during your daily skincare routine, right before you apply your makeup!

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  5. Fair-tone model with glowy, flawless, mature skin, and holding a closed jar of pearly-white face cream with a gold-coloured lid.

    TIP 5: Keep Your Skin Hydrated

    If your skin cells are sufficiently hydrated, your skin can appear more PLUMP and GLOWING. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help hydrate your skin. Then, apply one of Charlotte’s world-famous hydrating moisturisers to LOCK IN that moisture for a soft, smooth and supple-looking complexion.

    Discover the difference between hydration and moisturising

  6. A closed, exfoliating, wash-off, chemical mask in a white-coloured tube with gold-coloured text on it.

    TIP 6: Exfoliate for Smoother-Feeling Skin

    Exfoliating is one of the most essential steps in your skincare routine if you’re dreaming of a RADIANT complexion. Charlotte’s Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial is a dual-action, bead-free acid exfoliator that helps unclog your pores, improves the look of skin texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more YOUTHFUL-LOOKING skin.

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  7. Makeup remover in a clear bottle with text on it that reads, 'Take it all off' with a white-coloured lid.

    TIP 7: Always Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

    Nighttime is when your skin rests, recovers and repairs itself! Give it a helping hand by aiming to get at least eight hours of beauty sleep each night and ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed! Charlotte’s Take It All Off makeup remover is infused with EYEBRIGHT and chamomile to CLEAN, COMFORT and CONDITION your eyes, lashes and lips!

    Tilbury Tip: If you’re often tired and skip your nighttime skincare routine, bring it forward to an hour or two before you go to bed! This gives your skin some extra time to breathe, absorb the skincare and get all the nourishment it needs before bedtime.

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  8. An open, moisturizing lipstick lip balm in a nude pink shade with a black and gold-coloured cover.

    TIP 8: Introduce Hyaluronic Acid Into Your Skincare Routine

    Darlings, hyaluronic acid is a MAGICAL ingredient that your body naturally produces to retain its moisture levels. It contributes to your skin’s elasticity to help your skin appear GLOWY and PLUMP, so adding hyaluronic acid-infused products into your routine is a no-brainer. Hyaluronic acid can be found in many of Charlotte’s ICONIC skincare and beauty products including Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Hyaluronic Happikiss.

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  9. Fair-tone brunette model with glowy, flawless, glass skin, holding an open jar of pearly-white face cream.

    TIP 9: Eat the Right Foods

    Eating well is one of the secrets to achieving SMOOTH-LOOKING, BEAUTIFUL skin. Get your fix of skin-loving vitamins like A and C by incorporating brightly coloured fruit and vegetables into your diet to boost your skin’s defences against free radical damage. Another MAGIC tip for a RADIANT complexion is to consume omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts and seeds.

  10. Thick, pearly-white cream in an open glass jar with its rose-gold-coloured lid next to it.

    TIP 10: Moisturise with MAGIC!

    Darlings, it’s one of the oldest skincare tricks in the book, but moisturising day and night is ESSENTIAL for HEALTHY-LOOKING skin and a DEWY complexion. Charlotte’s world-famous hydrating moisturisers, including the award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream, will cocoon your skin in moisture for a PLUMPER-LOOKING complexion.

    Tilbury Tip: Is your skin type oily or combination? Try Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light for a lighter-textured version of the much-loved original.

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  11. Goddess Skin Clay Mask tube with lid off

    TIP 11: Leave Blemishes In Peace

    Squeezing your spots might be tempting but it can actually spread bacteria and increase the chances of scarring. Instead, use Charlotte’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask for smoother and fresher ‘baby skin’ in just 10 minutes. Also look for products containing retinol, like Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream and Magic Eye Rescue.

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  12. A petite, open glass jar with a dark champagne-coloured eye cream.

    TIP 12: Care for your Eye Area

    The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate and so requires some special TLC! Charlotte’s MIRACLE-MAKING eye cream will help to reduce the look of puffiness and bags for WIDE-AWAKE eyes that WOW!

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  13. A dry sheet mask in textured fabric along with its golden-coloured foil packaging behind it.

    TIP 13: Use Face Masks

    Be sure to dedicate time to using face masks! Charlotte’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask is the perfect pampering product for SMOOTHER-LOOKING skin and CLEARER-LOOKING pores, while Charlotte’s Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is a fast-track way to flood your skin with moisture for a HYDRATED complexion. For a REFRESHING, LIFT-EFFECT face mask treatment, try Charlotte’s Cryo Recovery Mask inspired by the ice-tech of cryotherapy and facial acupressure!

  14. Swatches of champagne-coloured eye cream, pearly-white face cream, and fawn-coloured thick and luscious face cream.

    TIP 14: Use the Correct Amount of Product

    Not applying enough of a product can mean your skin doesn’t get all the NUTRIENTS it needs. Meanwhile, applying too much of a product can lead to waste. Read Charlotte’s guide to how much skincare product to apply for the perfect application every single time.

    Learn more about how much skincare product to use

  15. An exfoliating, wash-off, chemical mask in a white-coloured tube, luminous, ivory-coloured serum in a glass bottle with a white and gold dropper lid, pearly-white face cream in a glass jar with a gold-coloured lid, and fawn-coloured eye cream in a petite glass jar with a gold-coloured lid.

    TIP 15: Listen To Your Skin

    Darlings, your skin will tell you what it needs. If it’s feeling particularly dry, it’s calling out for more hydration and moisture! And if it’s feeling particularly sensitive one day, take a breather from certain products and adjust your routine accordingly.

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