Charlotte's Concealer Guide

Here to answer all your concealer FAQs, Charlotte’s concealer guide breaks down her best-kept beauty secrets from finding your perfect shade to magical application techniques!

Darlings, with Charlotte’s concealer guide you can discover her best-kept beauty secrets about ALL THINGS CONCEALER! Discover the answers to all of your concealer questions, including ‘what is concealer?’, ‘what does concealer do?’, and ‘how do you stop concealer creasing?’!

Concealer has the power to transform your makeup look and knowing its full potential will help you to create your most FLAWLESS-LOOKING complexion to date!

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What is Concealer?

Your concealer is the key to creating customised coverage for your makeup look. Building up and blending out your concealer in areas where you want to conceal and using different shades to accentuate and even out areas of your face is the easiest way to perfect the look of your complexion.

Charlotte calls concealer her magic wand of makeup that she uses to CONCEAL, CONTOUR and BRIGHTEN the appearance of the face. Able to build coverage where necessary and trick the light for a shapewear effect, concealer is a versatile product that’s behind many of Charlotte’s complexion beauty secrets on the red carpet and the runway.

What Does Concealer Do?

While foundation primarily focuses on giving your complexion the beautiful, even-looking finish that you’re looking for, concealer puts COVERAGE first and is able to provide extra coverage in different areas of your face!

Applying concealer to areas like under the eyes and on top of blemishes can help to disguise the appearance of darkness and redness, leaving your complexion appearing more even. Concealer can also act as a cream contour or highlight – using deeper shades to carve out your bone structure and lighter shades to create a brighter and more lifted look – making concealer a triple threat that your beauty bag should never be without!

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Do You Put On Concealer Before or After Foundation?

Traditionally, you would apply your foundation before your concealer. After applying your foundation, areas that require extra coverage will be apparent – whether that’s dark spots, hyperpigmentation or blemishes – so you can then follow up with your concealer to build up more product in areas where you want some extra coverage. This way, you will also avoid applying too much concealer.

Can You Use Concealer on Your Eyelids?

Concealer is a multi-use makeup product! You can use your concealer as an eyeshadow primer, covering the eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Adding concealer to the lid is a brilliant way to disguise the appearance of uneven tone and pigmentation, evening out your eyelids to create a perfect base for eyeshadow and blending your lid space in with the rest of your complexion. While concealer may not have the same tacky finish that’s associated with some eyeshadow primers, it offers a similar effect by creating a blank canvas that’ll help your favourite eye makeup shades POP!

How Do You Stop Concealer from Creasing?

Creasing is where product moves or settles into fine lines, and it’s a common issue when applying concealer. The best way to tackle creasing is by taking steps to prevent it during your makeup application.

  1. Pearly-white face cream in a glass jar with a gold-coloured lid.

    STEP 1: Moisturise with a hydrating day cream and eye cream

    Keeping skin well-moisturised does wonders for concealer application and will help to minimise its chances of creasing. Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue are a duo that promotes soft, supple, MAGIC SKIN! By creating a smooth surface to apply product onto, you are helping to minimise the look of fine lines so that you can apply your concealer seamlessly.

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  2. Radiant concealer in a glass tube with its doe-foot applicator next to it with a gold-coloured handle.

    STEP 2: Apply a hydrating concealer

    Often, creasing comes down to your choice of concealer; if you are using a formula that lacks hydrating, science-backed ingredients, it can tend to be drying and stiff, and as a result, more likely to crack and crease on the face and eye area. Instead, apply a hydrating, SCIENCE + COLOUR formula like Charlotte’s NEW! Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer that hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid while providing medium-buildable coverage and a beautifully radiant-looking finish.

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  3. Two, open, setting powder compacts with mirrored-lids and white and gold-coloured packaging.

    STEP 3: Set your concealer with powder

    By setting your concealer in place with a small amount of powder, you can help create a smooth-looking finish that lasts. A light veil of Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Finish powder can help to make your concealer last longer while creating a smooth-looking finish! Or, for a brighter finish, use NEW! Airbrush Brightening Flawless Finish brightening powder!

    Tilbury Tip: Complete your look by spraying Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray over your complexion to truly lock in your look!

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How to Find Your Concealer Shade

The easiest way to find your concealer shade is with Charlotte’s NEW! Pro Shade Match Tool! Powered by AI, Charlotte’s shade-matching innovation allows you to discover your perfect shade and formula within her concealer universe. By answering a couple of questions about your skin tone and skin type and providing a photo of your face, the tool uses its genius to locate the shades that are individually suited to your skin!

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How to Apply Concealer

Now you’re well-versed with Charlotte’s concealer guide, it’s time to apply! When applying your concealer, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify the areas that you want to add coverage to – this might be under the eyes, the high points of the face, over blemishes or on top of dark spots.

  2. Add a small amount of concealer to areas where you want to focus your coverage.

  3. Take Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush and buff out the edges of your concealer using light tapping motions or tap out the product using your fingers.

Once your concealer is flawlessly blended, decide whether there are areas that you’d like some more coverage and repeat.

Tilbury Tip: When applying your concealer, make sure your skin is fully prepped using Charlotte’s skincare heroes like Charlotte’s Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue.

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