Charlotte’s Best Foundation for Winter

Keep your complexion looking healthy and hydrated throughout the colder months with my best foundation for winter.

Darlings, are you feeling the chill? Winter can be tough on your complexion, with low temperatures and harsh windchill posing the risk of dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. Discover my best foundation for winter and how the skincare-infused formula can unlock your most beautiful-looking skin!

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How To Choose a Foundation for Winter

During the winter months, skin can struggle to adjust to colder temperatures and loses a lot of its natural moisture. This lack of moisture can cause dry patches to emerge, so it’s important to provide heaps of hydration to help skin restore its glowing, plump-looking complexion.

When choosing a foundation for winter, I always suggest using a hydrating formula that perfects the look of your complexion while delivering skincare benefits. Thinking of foundation as an extension of your skincare routine is the best way to look and feel your best throughout the cold-weather season; applying a smooth, moisture-boosting formula will set your skin up to stay hydrated and healthy-looking all winter long!

Each of my skin-loving foundation formulas are infused with nourishing ingredients that help to improve the appearance of skin with every wear!

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Summer vs Winter Foundation

My fabulous foundations are designed to be worn all year round, darlings! However, in the hottest of hot and the coldest of cold climates, your skin type wants and wishes may vary, which could alter your foundation preferences too.

During winter, the number one skin benefit you need from your foundation is deep hydration. Foundations that are rich with hydrating skincare ingredients help the skin to maintain its healthy-looking glow throughout the winter; this is an amazing, year-round benefit, but it’s especially important when facing winter’s chill. Hydrating the skin with foundation helps prevent dryness and flaking, and in turn, your foundation can look smoother and more seamless.

In the summer, people are searching for that dewy-looking, sun-kissed glow! Light-coverage options with a glowy finish are perfect summer foundations for getting a fresh-faced, by-the-beach complexion! Since temperatures soar in the summer, full-coverage options can be prone to being broken down by sweat and leaving unflattering patches on the face. A light or medium-coverage foundation wears more forgivingly and requires less touch-ups than a full-coverage option which is perfect for sun-soaked days – just tap on a little bit of Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder in the T-zone to prevent unwanted shine and your summer complexion has arrived!

Tilbury Tip: Don’t be fooled, darlings, you can absolutely wear your summer foundation in the winter! Glowy, light-coverage options like Hollywood Flawless Filter can help skin to look luminous on winter days!

Charlotte’s Best Foundation for Winter

Darlings, each of my fabulous foundations will wear beautifully during the winter, but my number one foundation for winter has to be Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation!

I created my buildable, blendable Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation as a medium-coverage foundation that’s infused with incredible skincare benefits that help to improve the look of skin every time you wear it! It’s a radiant, hydrating formula that gives the complexion a healthy-looking glow, lighting up even the greyest of winter days. In 30 skin-perfecting shades, I have BOTTLED your best winter skin day, every day!

Supercharged Skincare Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: Provides a flood of moisture on application, helping to hydrate skin that’s been exposed to harsh winds and cold temperatures.

Rose Complex: Reduces the look of dryness and dehydration by offering a beautiful, brightening effect that combats the appearance of stressed, dull-looking skin.

CT Defence: Strengthens the skin barrier and helps prevent pollutants from penetrating to maintain healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

Coconut extract: Leaves the complexion looking plump and more youthful while strengthening the skin barrier to put it in perfect stead to face the harsh effects of winter.

Thanks to its hydrating and buildable formula, you can smooth Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation onto the face and build up custom coverage, flooding the complexion with essential moisture and reviving the look of skin with its gorgeous, glowing finish!

Beautiful Before, Beautiful After

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