How To Fill In Thin Eyebrows

Follow this guide to find out how to fill in thin eyebrows with top tips for naturally fuller-looking eyebrows in just 5 minutes!

Transforming thin eyebrows into fuller, perfectly-arched brows has never been easier. With some top tips to help fill in thin eyebrows, you can create flawless-looking eyebrows to frame your face in minutes.

  1. An open, eyebrow pencil in black-brown to shape, lift and define eyebrows, with its lid next to it.


    The key to perfect-looking brows is the shape of them. Take your Brow Lift eyebrow pencil, and hold diagonally from your nose to where you want your eyebrow to end, mark this with a dot. Using the dot as a guide, lightly sweep your eyebrow pencil to connect with this dot for the perfect extension.

  2. Swatch of a bronze-coloured eyebrow pencil.

    Step 2: Small Strokes

    For naturally fuller-looking brows, use small strokes to mimic your eyebrow hairs when filling in your brows. This will create the appearance of a thicker brow without looking drawn or stuck on.

  3. legendary brows

    Step 3: Set it in place

    An eyebrow gel is essential for keeping your brows tame, whilst the micro-fine bristles on Legendary Brows will also coat every fine hair and tint them. This will create the appearance of fuller-looking brows that will stay in place all day!

  4. An open creamy concealer in black and golden packaging.


    To emphasise your flawless-looking brow shape, you can use a touch of concealer and highlighter underneath your brow arch. This will create a lifted appearance and frame your eyebrows to complement your eye makeup.