Lip Gloss 101: What is Lip Gloss & What is it Made Of?

Discover everything you need to know about lip gloss: What is lip gloss? What is lip gloss made of? And which of my lip glosses is perfect for you?

Darlings, lip gloss is a makeup-lovers essential! But what is lip gloss, what is it made of, and which is the best lip gloss for you? Glossy lips are all over social media and are taking the red carpet by storm, with celebrities and stars opting for glowing lip gloss formulas that make lips appear fuller and more voluptuous. In this guide, I’m answering all of the lip gloss questions on everyone’s glossy lips!

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What is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a pout-perfecting makeup product that helps to create the illusion of fuller, plumper-looking lips. Generally, lip gloss is less pigmented than other lip products like lip liners, lipsticks and liquid lipsticks; they can be sheer, tinted or opaque, and can be found in a range of glowing, shimmering and vinyl finishes.

Applying lip gloss is the key to dousing the lips with moisture and shine! In your makeup routine, lip gloss can be applied over the top of lip liner and lipstick to transform your lip look with a high-shine finish, or worn alone to give the lips a well-hydrated, glossy look that glimmers and glows.

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What is Lip Gloss Made Of?

Most lip glosses are made using wax or petroleum jelly to create an emollient base with plenty of slip that helps them to glide across the lips. Other ingredients such as fragrances, oils and pigments are added to lip gloss to alter its scent, texture and colour, creating a unique shade and finish.

When creating a lip gloss, I always strive to create a formula with a high-shine finish that feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips, without feeling sticky or tacky. I always choose hydrating, smoothing-effect ingredients including plumping-effect marine collagen, (found in Collagen Lip Bath), antioxidant-rich lotus flower extract (found in Lip Lustre lip gloss) and hydrating hyaluronic acid (found in my Jewel Lips). Every lip gloss in my collection is made to moisturise and nourish your lips while giving them the sensational shine that you’re looking for.

Discover My Lip-Perfecting Lip Gloss Formulas

Darlings, I’ve created lip gloss formulas for everyone, everywhere! Do you like a subtle slick of tinted gloss or an impactful, pigmented gloss that pairs beautifully with lipstick? Maybe you prefer a clear lip gloss or a lip gloss that’s full of high-shine sparkle! From plumping lip gloss to silky-smooth gloss, discover my dreamy formulas that make the lips shimmer, sparkle and shine…

  1. an opened, standard-sized, nude-pink lip gloss with a heart-shaped applicator with a rose gold lid next to it.

    Collagen Lip Gloss

    If you love a plumping-effect lip gloss, Collagen Lip Bath is for you! Designed to plump the look of your lips while giving them mirror-like shine, this gorgeous gloss is infused with lip-plumping mustard sprout extract and peppermint extract to provide a gentle plumping effect that helps lips look fuller and firmer. It’s also enriched with marine collagen that moisturises the lips and smooths the look of lip lines, helping your pout to appear plump and cushiony with head-turning shine.

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  2. Jewel Lips jewel-shine lip gloss in Pinkgasm, a glossy, pearlescent pink

    Jewel Lips

    My Jewel Lips are every sparkle lover’s obsession! Dreamt up to give the lips dazzling, diamond shine, Jewel Lips lip glosses are like a magical veil of jewels for your pout! The hydrating, hyaluronic acid-infused formula feels comfortable on the lips while delivering an instantly illuminating, multi-dimensional finish thanks to jewel-toned pearls and diamond powder. If you want your lips to glimmer and gleam, apply Jewel Lips for a dreamy coat of jewel-shine sparkle!

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  3. Lip Lustre shimmering lip gloss in creamy-nude shade Blondie

    Lip Lustre

    From reds to pinks to nudes, my Lip Lustre lip gloss is the perfect pop of glossy colour for your lips! Formulated with a luxe, glossy finish that accentuates the natural lustre of your lips, this lip gloss is a shimmering finishing touch for any lip look. The formula hydrates the lips with lotus flower extract while creating a luxe, lacquered finish that pulls focus onto the lips. Wear it over the top of your favourite Matte Revolution lipstick or wear it alongside Lip Cheat lip liner to contour your glossy lip look.

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My Best Clear Lip Gloss

A clear lip gloss belongs in every makeup bag, darlings! Gliding a coat of transparent gloss onto the lips can create a gorgeous, natural-looking gloss look or add sensational shine over the top of any lipstick.

My best clear lip gloss is Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose, a plumping-effect lip gloss for healthy-looking high shine! The formula is infused with coconut oil to nourish and soften the look of your lips, as well as plumping agents that help lips to look fuller and poutier. The clear shade delivers crystal-like shine without tinting the lips, making it a perfect choice for more minimal makeup looks. It’s also fabulous for transforming the look of matte lipstick shades without distorting their colour, giving them a magical, mirror-shine finish.

Darlings, what is lip gloss? It’s a lip-enhancing beauty secret for everyone, everywhere! Now that you’ve discovered what lip gloss is made of and the fabulous finishes that are available, find your perfect shade in my beauty wardrobe and get the glossy look!

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