Refill the Magic! Charlotte’s Refillable Makeup & Skincare

Discover Charlotte's ICONIC skincare and makeup products that are available in beautiful refillable packaging including the iconic Charlotte's Magic Cream in a recyclable glass jar!

Darlings, when you’ve run out of your favourite makeup MAGIC and skincare secrets, REFILL THE MAGIC with an easy-to-use refill! Some of Charlotte’s iconic beauty innovations are available in gorgeous keepsake REFILLABLE packaging, so you can glam up, never run out and reduce waste all in one go!

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Refillable Skincare

Charlotte’s Magic Skin Trilogy

Unlock the secret to magic skin FOREVER with Charlotte’s easy-to-choose, easy-to-use refillable skincare capsules!

4x3 night cream refill

Charlotte’s 3-step research-powered Magic Skin Trilogy is the secret to glowing, smoother, plumper looking skin with instant and long-term results! Featuring 3 award-winning formulas, Charlotte’s MAGIC eye cream, day moisturiser and night cream work in unison with each other, supporting the skin day and night. It’s the ultimate transformative trio for 24 hours of magic skin!

Start with Charlotte’s Magic Eye Rescue, a refillable eye cream that makes the perfect antidote to tired looking eyes. Next, glide on Charlotte’s iconic Magic Cream, now a refillable moisturiser. The famous instant turnaround moisturiser hydrates, smooths and plumps the look of skin during the day, while Charlotte’s magic refillable night cream, a decadent, supercharged beauty sleep in a cream-elixir, helps you wake up with the best-looking skin of your life!

All three of Charlotte’s award-winning Magic Skin Trilogy moisturisers are REFILLABLE and RECYCLABLE! Just LOCK, POP and GO! These sleek, simple capsules are made to lock easily into your glass magic moisturiser jars, so you can maintain your magic skincare routine while caring for the environment!

Plus, personalise your Magic Eye Rescue or 50ml jars of Charlotte’s Magic Cream with ENGRAVING! Engrave your name for a personalised pot you’ll want to keep forever, or treat a loved one to give the gift of magic skin in a dreamy personalised jar!

Refillable Bronzer

Airbrush Bronzer

4x3 bronzer refill

Charlotte’s award-winning refillable bronzer is her Hyaluronic Acid-infused, smoothing, pore-blurring effect magic matte bronzer for the face and body! It’s the secret to a precise contour or all-over soft, sun-kissed finish for everyone, everywhere! The magic matte formula uses the same airbrush DNA as Charlotte’s famous airbrush makeup icons, including the fine-as-air, smooth-as-silk, finely-milled pigments that blur the appearance of pores and smooth over your skin to make you look and feel like the best, most beautiful version of you!

It’s matte bronzing made easy, FOREVER, as the compact is REFILLABLE! When you run out, simply purchase a refill in your shade on Charlotte, that's easy to magnetically replace! Bronze, Contour, Repeat and REFILL THE MAGIC for year-round summer skin with my magic Airbrush Bronzer refills, darling!

Refillable Lipsticks

Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks

Lipstick is happiness in a tube, and Charlotte’s Hot Lips 2 is a refillable lipstick you can wear FOREVER! Hot Lips 2 was created in collaboration with 11 incredible icons; rule breakers, record makers and history shakers! Charlotte has created 5 collectible, REFILLABLE and interchangeable designs inspired by her universe of fashion, Hollywood, Rock ‘n’ Roll and magic! Mix and match your favorite design with any Hot Lips 2 refillable shade!

Hot Lips Kit packshot

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Look Of Love Lipsticks

Enhance the look of your pout with Charlotte’s Look of Love lipsticks, inspired by the magical, beauty-morphing power of love, joy and happiness! A bouquet of dreamy, rosebud kisses for the prettiest, most beautiful-looking lips, these easy-to-use REFILLABLE lipsticks create a veil of romance for the most beautiful, glowing version of yourself! It’s universally-flattering, easy-to-use makeup magic that doesn’t wear you! darlings, all you need is love and Charlotte Tilbury!

4x3 look of love lipstick and refill

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Refillable Brow Makeup

Brow Lift

In eight gorgeously flattering shades to match your hair color, Brow Lift is Charlotte’s “brow sword” that mimics a full, fluffy hair effect! This super easy-to-use eyebrow pencil has an expert angled tip which means you are instantly stroking at the right angle! When your pencil runs out, simply twist & click the MAGIC REFILL into your brow tool to replace and continue to shape, feather and fill in your brows!

4x3 Brow Lift Refill Kit packshot

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Brow Cheat

Brow Cheat is Charlotte’s secret to fuller-looking, supermodel brows! With this precise, fool-proof, micro-precision brow pencil, you can use the micro-fine angled tip to mimic tiny natural brow hairs to elongate the brow structure! This product is refillable in the same way as Brow Lift, and is available in the same all eight shades, so everyone can fill, feather and define their brows, and REFILL THE MAGIC!

4x3 Brow Cheat Refill Kit packshot

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