15 Bold Lipstick Colours For A Standout Pout

Make a statement with your makeup by swiping on a bold lipstick colour from my globally loved lipstick collection.

Darlings, a bold lipstick colour can change the way you look and feel! Swiping on a bright and bold lipstick feels uplifting and empowering and can unlock the confidence you need to conquer your own world!

Discover the boldest lipstick colours in my lipstick collection and reach for them to experience the power of lipstick anytime, anywhere! Each shade is easy-to-wear and never wears you – pair your favourite with an expertly colour-matched Lip Cheat and create a flawless bold lipstick look in one swipe!

Bold Lipstick Looks Jourdan Dunn

Discover Bold Lipstick Colours To Try

  1. Hollywood Vixen bright red bold lipstick


    To create a classic red lip in a shade of bright red, choose Charlotte’s Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Hollywood Vixen! This Hollywood-inspired bright red lipstick is a bright, blue-toned red that was made to be seen, darlings! Whether you’re in the boardroom or the boudoir, red lipstick is instant glamour - swipe it on to channel your inner Hollywood Vixen!

    Pairs with: NEW! Lip Cheat in Red Carpet Red or Savage Rose

    Shop Hollywood Vixen

  2. The Queen fuchsia pink bold lipstick


    Think pink with my Matte Revolution Lipstick in The Queen! This bright fuchsia lipstick is like royalty within my legendary lipstick collection, crowning your lips with statement matte lip colour that reigns bold and beautiful over your makeup look. Inspired by the enthralling glow of crown jewels, this shade is the secret to creating a bold new look that empowers you to rule your world!

    Pairs with: NEW! Lip Cheat in The Queen

    Shop The Queen

  3. Cinematic Red cherry red bold lipstick


    Deep, cherry reds like my Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Cinematic Red are the secret to creating movie magic on your lips! This racy red secures a starring role whether you’re turning heads at an event or taking charge of your 9 to 5. One swipe creates a cinematic pout that will transform any makeup look, unlocking instant superstar confidence!

    Pairs with: NEW! Lip Cheat in Red Carpet Red or Savage Rose

    Shop Cinematic Red

  4. Flame Blur orange red bold lipstick


    An orange flame-red lipstick looks hot, hot, hot, darlings! Discover my AIRbrush Flawless Lip Blur in Flame Blur to ignite your makeup look with a fiery flicker of bold red lipstick. This hydrating, hyaluronic acid-infused liquid lipstick is designed to give your lips a powder-blur effect that never feels drying – it’s matte-meets-moisture! Swipe on for airbrushed-looking coverage in flawless flame red!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Hollywood Honey or Kiss ‘N’ Tell

    Shop Flame Blur

  5. Festival Magic purple berry bold lipstick


    Bold, berry lipsticks look magical on the lips, darlings! A deep berry shade like my Matte Revolution Lipstick in Festival Magic is a beautiful alternative to red lipstick, coating your pout in the sweetest, deepest shade of purple. The magical matte finish that will look fabulous in the crowd and at the afterparty, adding the perfect festive flourish to your look!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Berry Naughty or Bad Romance

    Shop Festival Magic

  6. Red Carpet Pink pastel pink bold lipstick


    I created my Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Red Carpet Pink as the quintessential statement pink lip for wearing on the red carpet. Many pink lipsticks swing nude or rose on the lips, so I developed Red Carpet Pink as a true, pastel pink that gives every pout a pretty-in-pink effect. This Hollywood-inspired shade of my satin-shine lipstick formula pops on every skin tone, rolling out a bold pop of pink that looks truly timeless.

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Original or Love Trap

    Shop Red Carpet Pink

  7. Love Liberty dark pink bold lipstick


    Bold berry shades like my Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty are perfect for making a statement with your pout. Love Liberty is all about freedom and self-expression; it’s a pout-perfecting berry pink with rosy undertones that creates free-to-be, bold lipstick looks. This deep, delectable berry shade can empower everyone, everywhere to feel free and look fabulous!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Berry Naughty or Bad Romance

    Shop Love Liberty

  8. Pizzazz blue-red bold lipstick


    Swiping on a bold lipstick colour is the perfect way to give your makeup look some pizzazz! If you’re looking for a bright, blue-red lipstick to give your makeup look impactful, Hollywood-inspired glamour, discover my Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Pizzazz! This vibrant, cool-toned red lipstick embodies the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood red carpet – it’s bold, flamboyant, and destined to dazzle!

    Pairs with: NEW! Lip Cheat in Red Carpet Red

    Shop Pizzazz

  9. Hot Emily coral pink bold lipstick


    Coral lipsticks are some of the boldest pinks in my lipstick collection and my Hot Lips Lipstick in Hot Emily is one of the boldest of them all! Hot Emily is a vivid coral shade in my satin-finish K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula that leaves a model impression. It radiates bombshell confidence, delivering a coat of hot, coral lip colour that emboldens everyone that wears it with a supermodel pout!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Pink Venus

    Shop Hot Emily

  10. 90s brown deep brown bold lipstick


    Darlings, make a bold, supermodel statement with a beautiful brown lipstick! In the 90s, supermodels would wear bold, brown lipstick on the runway and the rest of the beauty world quickly followed suit. I was inspired by iconic 90s beauties to create my Matte Revolution Lipstick in So 90s; it creates a velvety, nude-brown look with rich, cocoa pigment and a magical matte finish for an instant 90s effect.

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown or Iconic Nude

    Shop So 90s

  11. Rose to Fame mauve pink bold lipstick


    Apply a mood-setting, mauve lipstick to boldly beautify your pout! My Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Rose To Fame is a smooth, mauve-rose lipstick with a sumptuous, satin-shine finish that’s designed to flatter everyone, everywhere! This cool-toned mauve looks magical on the lips, giving them contour-defining and pout-perfecting colour that offers a bolder take on everyday pink.

    Pairs with: NEW! Lip Cheat in 90s Pink

    Shop Rose To Fame

  12. Night Crimson dark red bold lipstick


    Deep lipstick colours are bold by nature and a dark red is about as dramatic as they come! Discover my K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Night Crimson and create the most captivating bold lipstick look. This seductive shade is a black-cherry crimson with a nourishing satin finish, giving every pout a deep, dimensional, dark-red finish that will set the mood for your makeup look.

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Intense

    Shop Night Crimson

  13. Candy Chic candy pink bold lipstick


    Do you have a sweet tooth, darlings? Go boldly pink with your lipstick with my Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipstick in Candy Chic! This candy-pink lipstick is sweet as can be, gliding onto the lips to deliver dreamy, satin shine in the most delectable shade of pink. If you’re looking for a bold lipstick that is lighter and airier than darker shades of red or pink, give Candy Chic a whirl!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Supersize Me or Pillow Talk Original

    Shop Candy Chic

  14. Ruby Blur ruby red bold lipstick


    A ruby-red lip will always dazzle, darlings! My AIRbrush Flawless Lip Blur in Ruby Blur is a defiant, ruby-red liquid lipstick that swipes on a slick of jewel-toned red with a flattering, powder-matte finish. It’s a shade of red that instils superstar confidence while smoothing and blurring the look of lips, creating a striking red lipstick look that’s a true classic.

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Kiss ‘N’ Tell

    Shop Ruby Blur

  15. Secret Salma plum pink bold lipstick


    Pinks, purples, and plums can look bold and beautiful on the lips! I created my Hot Lips Lipstick in Secret Salma as the perfect plum shade to beautify your pout with. It’s the secret to plush, purple-pink lips that are effortlessly alluring. Secret Salma is a secret weapon that every lipstick lover needs in their collection of bold lipsticks!

    Pairs with: Lip Cheat in Love Trap

    Shop Secret Salma

Darlings, these bold lipstick colours will look sensational on you! If you need a little bit of help choosing the perfect bold lipstick for you, discover my Lipstick Finder – it’s my easy-to-use beauty-tech innovation that will select your most flattering bold lipstick shades! Just share your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone with my Lipstick Finder and get expert colour matches in moments!

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