Makeup for Grey and Silver Hair

Embrace your silvery grey locks with my guide to the most flattering makeup for grey hair.

Discover the Most Flattering Makeup for Grey Hair

Makeup for Grey Hair model shot

Lipstick for Grey Hair

Your lipstick is an easy way to bring life back into your makeup look for grey hair. Brighter shades of lipstick have a youth-boosting effect and can help your lips to look fuller and more defined. Don’t be afraid to choose a classic red or pink lipstick to complete your look, darlings – it’ll lift the look of your complexion while giving you a timeless beauty boost!

Red Lipstick for Grey Hair

  1. Model wearing Patsy Red blue-red Hot Lips lipstick


    Red lipstick is so magical, darlings – it’s instant glamour and happiness in a tube! Some people feel they need to shrink and hold back with makeup as they become grey, but I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case at all! There’s something so enchanting about classic red lips and a statement-making red lipstick like Patsy Red is the perfect colour rush to enliven your look. I was inspired by my magical mother Patsy to create this vibrant red lipstick - she is living proof that red lipstick is for every mood and moment!

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  2. Model wearing Red Hot Susan orange-red Hot Lips lipstick


    For a warm-toned red lipstick look, reach for Red Hot Susan lipstick to paint your pout with vibrant, orange-toned red. This magical matte lipstick is from my Hot Lips 2 collection and is designed to give the lips a warm-toned rush of red that looks effortlessly flattering. Grey hair is normally naturally cool toned and can sometimes wash out your complexion, so using a warm-toned lipstick like Red Hot Susan is an easy way to lift the look of your face by creating a makeup look that’s red hot!

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  3. Model wearing Red Carpet Red ruby-red Matte Revolution lipstick


    Wearing my Red Carpet Red Matte Revolution lipstick exudes Hollywood star power! This ruby-red lipstick looks so flattering on grey-haired beauties, creating a true-red lipstick look that’s the secret to timeless glamour! I’ve used this lipstick on celebrities and stars to create the most magical red lipstick looks that command every red carpet. Applying this iconic shade feels uplifting and boosts confidence, helping everyone, everywhere to look and feel like a star!

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Pink Lipstick for Grey Hair

  1. Model wearing The Queen jewel-pink Matte Revolution lipstick


    The perfect pink to wear with grey hair is my Matte Revolution lipstick in The Queen. This crown-jewel cerise is a colourful, regal, jewel-toned pink that pops on the lips! Jewel tones can look so flattering in contrast to the silvery sheen of grey hair and this magical matte is the most magnificent pop of pink to help you look and feel like royalty!

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  2. Model wearing Gracefully Pink Matte Revolution lipstick


    Graceful greys pair beautifully with my Gracefully Pink Matte Revolution lipstick! Gracefully Pink has a softer tone than The Queen; it’s a lighter, airier pop of pink with a hint of coral that looks so flattering on grey-haired beauties. This sweet pink gives your pout hydrating, cashmere-soft lip colour with a smoothing-effect matte finish, giving makeup looks an elegant touch of pout-perfecting pink that pairs perfectly with a nude-pink blush like Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic.

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  3. Model wearing Pillow Talk Original nude-pink Matte Revolution lipstick


    Darlings, Pillow Talk is everyone’s perfect shade! Pillow Talk is my universally flattering, globally loved shade that suits everyone! I created this pout-perfecting shade to expertly match the pink pigments that are present in the lips to create a natural-looking nude-pink that suits everyone, everywhere! If you struggle to choose the perfect lipstick shade for your look or are on a search for the most understated shade to beautify your lips with, Pillow Talk Matte Revolution lipstick is the shade you’ve been waiting for!

    Tilbury Tip: Do you love Pillow Talk lipstick, darlings? Discover more Pillow Talk magic for the lips, cheeks and eyes in my Pillow Talk collection!

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Eyebrow Colour for Grey Hair

When hair becomes grey, you may need to adjust your eyebrow routine to better complement the tones in grey hair. Silvery greys are naturally cool toned, so a cool-toned eyebrow colour like taupe or ash brown can look more flattering than more warm-toned options. I recommend my Brow Cheat and Brow Lift eyebrow pencils in Taupe for fair skin tones; Medium Brown for medium skin tones; and Natural Black for deep skin tones to create a natural-looking eyebrow look for grey hair.

You may also notice that as your hair greys, grey hairs start to emerge in your eyebrows, too. To tint the grey hairs in your brows, you can use a brow gel like Legendary Brows to coat your brow hairs with a flattering shade that helps to disguise the appearance of greys.

Eye Makeup for Grey Hair

Discover how to enhance the look of your eyes with the most flattering eyeshadow and eyeliner colours for grey hair.