How To Organise Makeup & Skincare

Discover my tips and tricks on how to organise makeup and skincare including my new, multi-magic Pillow Talk makeup bag.

Darlings, as your collection of beautifying makeup and skincare grows, it’s important to create an orderly storage system that enables you to keep track of your favourite products. Discover how to organise your makeup and skincare to make sure your beauty secrets are always easy-to-choose, easy-to-use and easy-to-find!

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How To Organise Your Makeup

The best way to organise your makeup is to store your favourites in a magical makeup bag that keeps them all in one place. This also helps to reduce clutter and the likelihood of having an overwhelming, difficult-to-choose stash! When choosing a makeup bag, you’ll want to opt for a spacious design that’s roomy enough to house all of your go-to products from foundation to eyeliner to lipstick.

Makeup bags that have multiple compartments are perfect for organising your makeup. Assign each compartment to your eye, lip, cheek and complexion products to make your beauty secrets easy to locate. This way, if you want to top up your lip gloss or apply some more blush, you know exactly where to look.

Darlings, my NEW! Pillow Talk Makeup Bag is the perfect way to keep your makeup organised! Pillow-Talkers everywhere are falling in love with this zip-around bag; it’s easy to travel with, has five spacious storage segments, and it’s the dreamiest way to store all of your Pillow Talk favourites!

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How To Organise a Large Makeup Collection

If you have a large makeup collection, it’s even more important to stay organised to prevent cluttering your living space. I recommend separating your collection into categories to make it easy to navigate, as well as keeping your most-used products apart from the rest of your makeup to make them even easier to find.

For makeup favourites that you reach for every day - whether that’s my complexion-perfecting Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder or my push up-effect mascara Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! - store them on your vanity, in front of the mirror, or wherever you apply your makeup. Keeping your go-to products easily accessible will shave time off of your makeup routine, making your daily makeup ritual quick and easy!

Tilbury Tip: Curate an everyday makeup kit to store in my Pillow Talk Makeup Bag, swapping out products at regular intervals to get the most out of your makeup collection.

For the rest of your makeup, I recommend investing in a set of drawers that can house your collection. It’s sensible to store your products by category e.g. having a separate drawer for eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, as this will make it easy for you to find and choose the perfect product for your mood.

If you have a very large makeup collection, you can break this down even further, categorising products by colour, size and finish e.g. larger palettes and smaller palettes, cream blushes and powder blushes, red lipsticks and nude lipsticks, to help you navigate your collection much more easily.

Tilbury Tip: Choose clear drawers so it’s easy to see all of your makeup, or label each drawer to make each category easy to find.

Do you like to stock up on beauty favourites like Hollywood Flawless Filter and Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation, darlings? Store your back-ups separately from your collection to save space, then reach for them once you’re ready to replenish!

Tilbury Tip: Always check the expiry date, darlings!

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How To Organise Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the key to a flawless makeup application! Here are my tips and tricks for keeping them beautifully organised:

To store your brushes, purchase a brush holder or brush roll. The key to keeping your brushes in condition is to keep them upstanding to make sure they don’t get damaged or scrunched out of shape. Brushes can often get bunched together; by separating your eye makeup brushes and your face brushes, this gives them more breathing space and makes it easier for you to select your perfect brush shape.

Another top tip for organising your makeup brushes is to separate your clean and used makeup brushes. This makes it clear which brushes are ready to use and which brushes need to be cleaned, so cleaning your brushes can be quick and easy.

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How To Organise Your Skincare

When organising your skincare, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. The most convenient place to keep your skincare is within reach of where you perform your skincare routine, whether that’s in the bathroom or at your vanity. However, your skincare favourites are best kept at a cool temperature and away from direct sunlight. Heat and light can destabilise the active ingredients in your skincare products, so it’s always best to store them at room temperature or below.

Keeping your skincare in a small bathroom organiser unit or a cosmetics bag away from the window will help to shield them from natural light, and storing them in a cupboard will help to keep it away from the humidity in your bathroom. If you’re looking to keep your products at the perfect temperature, invest in a skincare fridge to keep ingredients like retinol in Magic Eye Rescue eye cream or vitamin C in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir stabilised and potent.

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The Magical Makeup Bag You Need

Darlings, discover the multi-magic of my NEW! Pillow Talk Makeup Bag! I wanted to create a functional makeup bag that looks gorgeous while organising all of my beauty secrets. It’s a spacious, rectangular bag with a rose-gold zip closure, securing your makeup and skincare favourites in the dreamiest Pillow Talk packaging!

I chose an accordion style for my Pillow Talk Makeup Bag, giving it multiple compartments with plush, velvety lining to make it easy to store and organise everything from lip products to eyeshadow palettes. It’s compact and easy to travel with while having an interior that comfortably fits your everyday makeup kit or skincare heroes.

Of course, the exterior is Pillow Talk pink, darlings, and at the centre, there’s a beautifully embroidered lip motif to give this makeup bag some signature Tilbury magic!

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