How To Blend Eyeshadow

Do you want to learn how to blend eyeshadow colours like a pro? Discover my tips, tricks and a step-by-step guide to expert eyeshadow blending for a seamless finish!

Darlings, mastering the art of blending is the secret to creating a GORGEOUS eyeshadow look. It’s even more important if you’re building up a smokey eye look or applying two or more eyeshadow colours to your lids! Without good blending, your eyeshadow can look patchy, harsh or unflattering and you’re much more likely to experience eyeshadow fallout or creasing. No thank you, darling!

But how do you blend eyeshadow? And how can you make the eyeshadow blending process as smooth as possible? Read on to discover my top tips and tricks for blending eyeshadow like a pro…

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How do you blend eyeshadow?

First things first. Before applying your eyeshadow, you should always make sure that your eyelids and face are clean, hydrated and moisturised. Follow my MAGIC skincare ritual guide to discover the correct order to apply your skincare for healthy-looking skin that’s primed, prepped and ready for the magical beauty products that come next!

Once you’ve carried out your research-powered skin prep ritual, allow a couple of minutes for your skin to absorb all of the MAGIC ingredients then follow my step-by-step guide below…

  1. Matte Eyes to Mesmerise in Chocolate Veil, a rich, chocolate brown cream eyeshadow

    MAGIC STEP 1: Prime your Lids

    Darlings, before you start your eyeshadow application, it’s important to prime your eyelids! You can use one of my Matte Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadows or any of my MAGIC concealers to conceal the look of any pigmentation and dark spots to create the perfect base for your eyeshadow.

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  2. An open, mirrored-lid, 6-pan eyeshadow palette in shimmery and matte nude shades.

    MAGIC STEP 2: Apply your Makeup in the Correct Order

    Once you’ve primed your skin and eyelids, don’t just dive straight into creating your eyeshadow look! Applying your makeup in the correct order is really important. This way, all your beauty products can successfully complement each other and you’ll be much less likely to make some of the many common makeup mistakes.

    As a rule, your eyeshadow application shouldn’t begin until you’ve applied your colour corrector, foundation, concealer, powder, contour products, highlighter and brow pencil and gel. Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow, you can then apply your eyeliner, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, blush and setting spray!

    Tilbury Tip: Can’t decide which eye look to create? Discover my MAGICAL eye makeup tutorials, featuring step-by-step guides to creating my many favourite eye makeup looks.

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  3. Charlotte's Eye Smudger Brush is a domed, synthetic brush that's perfect for precise application

    MAGIC STEP 3: Use the Correct Tools

    Before you start your actual eyeshadow application, it’s essential to ensure you have the correct tools to hand!

    My Eye Blender Brush is a MAGIC eyeshadow blending brush that’s perfect for applying subtle washes of colours to your eyelids, while my Eye Smudger Brush is great for adding definition to your eye socket area for a captivating smokey eye look. And if you’re looking for precise eyeshadow application along your lash line, my Eye Liner Brush will help you achieve a beautiful liner look.

    If you plan to blend different shades, always make sure to use a clean makeup brush for each shade! This way, your bristles won’t become saturated in too many different colours and your eyeshadow look will be cleaner and more defined! Don’t forget to keep your brushes clean and stored correctly before and after use.

    Tilbury Tip: My guide on how to clean your makeup brushes features a step-by-step guide on how to keep your tools clean for good makeup hygiene that’ll also prevent any leftover shadow from ruining your look.

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  4. Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk Dreams with four dreamy, rosy-brown shades

    MAGIC STEP 4: Apply a Little at a Time

    The eyeshadow blending process is much easier when you apply small amounts of product at a time! When it comes to your eyeshadow application, apply the lightest shade you plan to use on the inner half of your eyelids first. Then, as you move towards the outer corners, add in complementary darker shades, using small amounts of product at a time.

    After applying each layer of shadow, it’s so important to blend, blend, blend! This brings us to our next step…

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  5. Charlotte's Eye Blender Brush is a fluffy brush that's perfect for getting a seamless blend

    MAGIC STEP 5: Blend, blend, blend

    The key to a gorgeous eyeshadow look is blending after every eyeshadow application to blow out any harsh lines. As you continue building up your eyeshadow, continue to blend in soft, sweeping motions after each step to get an effortless eye look.

    If you dive in with darker eyeshadow, add product slowly and blend as you go to minimise the risk of fallout and avoid creating a muddy-looking eyeshadow look. Taking your time is important throughout this process to ensure a seamless look.

    Whenever you’re blending your eyeshadow, sweep your brush in a windscreen-wiper motion to diffuse the shade and soften the edges. If you’re combining two or more shades together, always blend one shade in before moving on to the next, starting with lighter colours first. When it comes to applying your darker eyeshadow shades, the best technique is to swirl the brush in small circles around the outer corners of your eyes, before running it along your crease and lash line in a V-shape. Don’t forget to use my dense, domed Eye Smudger Brush if you’re looking for precise eyeshadow application around your top and lower lash lines!

    Tilbury Tip: Once you've completed your eyeshadow look, apply some of my Airbrush Brightening Flawless Finish powder underneath the eyes to help define the V shape of your eyeshadow.

  6. Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray is Charlotte's weightless, makeup-fixing mist that lets you party all night and stay all day

    MAGIC STEP 6: Set your look in place

    Finally, no beauty look is complete without my Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray! Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow, continue with the rest of your beauty routine before giving your full complexion a spritz with this MAGIC hydrating product, which will set your makeup in place for up to 16 hours!

    Simply spritz over your entire face from six to eight inches away to LOCK IN YOUR LOOK with no melting, fading or creasing! This long-lasting, next-generation spray can also be reapplied throughout the day to give your makeup a MAGICAL REFRESH!

    Tilbury Tip: Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray can also be used to spray onto your eyeshadow or eyeliner brush before you apply your chosen eyeshadows to INTENSIFY the colour pay-off for a high-impact finish!

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