How To Get Flawless-Looking Skin

Discover how to get flawless-looking skin using Magic Away to conceal any imperfections or blemishes and set your makeup with Genius Magic Powder.

We all want flawless-looking skin, and now with Charlotte Tilbury’s NEW! Complexion Heroes, your skincare dreams can become a reality! Conceal any imperfections, redness or blemishes with the NEW! Magic Away concealer and set your makeup with Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder for flawless-looking skin.

  1. A pearly-white face cream in a glass jar with its golden-coloured metallic lid next to it.

    Step 1: Charlotte's Magic Cream

    Start by nourishing your skin with Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser, massaging into your face and neck for a hydrated, glowing complexion.

  2. A champagne-coloured eye cream in a glass jar with its gold-coloured, metallic lid next to it.

    Step 2: Magic Eye Rescue

    Dot the Magic Eye Rescue eye cream around your delicate under-eye area, tapping in to help it absorb.

  3. An open foundation in a medium dark shade in a frosted glass bottle with a rose gold coloured lid.

    Step 3: Magic Foundation

    Apply Magic Foundation, blending and buffing in with the Hollywood Complexion Brush for a full coverage finish.

  4. An open liquid concealer in an ivory shade with golden-coloured metallic packaging.

    Step 4: Magic Away concealer

    Use the NEW! Magic Away liquid concealer and dot around your under-eye, nose and any areas that need a little extra coverage. Tap in with your finger to blend.

  5. An open, luminising primer in a glass bottle with its doe-foot applicator next to it.

    Step 5: Hollywood Flawless Filter

    Apply the Hollywood Flawless Filter to the tops of your cheekbones for a superstar-lit glow.

  6. A light-diffusing loose powder for fair skin with a black and gold coloured lid.

    Step 6: Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder

    Finish your makeup with Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder applied to your t-zone, under your eyes and any areas with excess shine for flawless-looking skin every day!

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