Eye Makeup Looks To Try: Doe Eyes, Siren Eyes + More

Discover how to create trending eye makeup looks from dreamy doe eyes to smouldering siren eyes.

Darlings, these magical eye makeup looks are the secret to ensuring all eyes are on you! A new eye look can lift and enliven your makeup, darlings! Discover the trending eye makeup looks that are taking over social media and learn how to create them using my eye-enhancing beauty secrets.

Discover Magical Eye Makeup Looks To Try

  1. Bruna wearing a coquette eyes makeup look for Charlotte's Pillow Talk Party campaign

    The Coquette Look

    Coquette makeup has been trending on social media with beauty lovers using soft, neutral eye makeup to create dainty looks that fit the coquette aesthetic. Coquette means to be flirtatious and playful, and coquette eyes channel this by appearing full and fluttery to draw people in. To create coquette-looking eyes, use nude, pink or peach shades to softly enhance the look of the eyes and diffuse your eyeliner to unlock a more delicate liner look.

    Get the look: Sweep the enchanting shades in my Pillow Talk Luxury Palette onto your lids to create dreamy, coquette-inspired beauty, then use The Classic powder eyeliner pencil to sketch out a subtle winged eyeliner. Blend your eyeliner for a softer finish with the Eye Smudger Brush, then complete your look with lashings of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara for romantic coquette eyes.

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  2. Michaela Jae Rodriguez wearing a cut crease eye makeup look for Charlotte's Pillow Talk Party campaign

    Cut Crease Eye Makeup

    The 2010s saw cut crease makeup skyrocket in popularity – every influencer and makeup artist was creating bold and beautiful cut crease makeup looks in a rainbow of colours, and it’s still a mesmerising eye makeup look to try today! To create a cut crease makeup look, concealer or cream eyeshadows are used to cut a well-defined crease shape that creates a line of contrast between the eyelid and eye socket. This artistic eye makeup style is all about precision and requires a steady hand.

    Get the look: Once you’ve applied your favourite eyeshadow through your natural crease and along your eye socket, take Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer on my Eye Liner Brush and meticulously create a crescent shape from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. After cutting your crease, fill in the rest of your eyelid with concealer and set it into place with an eyeshadow that closely matches your skin tone.

    Tilbury Tip: Cut crease makeup can follow your natural eye socket, or you can create the illusion of a crease above your natural eyelids for a bigger, more animated eye look.

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  3. Model wearing a 60s-inspired doe eyes makeup look

    Doe Eyes Makeup

    Bigger, brighter-looking eyes will always be in style, darlings, and the doe eyed makeup look is the perfect way to enlarge and enhance the look of your eyes! Doe eyes refers to the doe-like, wide-eyed gaze that was popular in the 60s, and the look has continued to be a staple over the decades. With makeup, you can accentuate the roundness of your eyes, helping them to appear bigger, brighter and more open.

    Get the look: Brush the soft, brown tones from The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette through your crease, then apply a bright, shimmering shade from my Bigger, Brighter Eyes Palette to the centre of the lid to make them pop. Glide the pearlescent shade from my Hollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo through the waterline to help eyes appear brighter and more prominent, then apply lashings of mascara to help lashes appear lifted and doe eyed.

    Tilbury Tip: You can draw on individual false eyelashes with a liquid eyeliner like The Feline Flick to get the wide-eyed effect. Lightly flick along the lower lashline to create the illusion of piecey bottom lashes that look dreamily doe eyed.

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  4. Model wearing a glossy eye makeup look using Eyes to Mesmerise cream eyeshadow

    Glossy Eyes

    Do you love glossy lips, darlings? Glossy eye makeup channels the glimmer and glow of your favourite lip gloss onto the eyes! Cream eyeshadows with flattering sparkle are perfect for giving the eyes a twinkling, wet-looking glow, creating easy, glossy eyes with the swipe of a finger. Wear this head-turning eye makeup look with radiant, dewy-looking skin; magical mirror-shine lip gloss; and beaming, megawatt highlighters for the most magical glossy eyes that mesmerise!

    Get the look: Choose a shade of my shimmering cream eyeshadow formula, Eyes to Mesmerise, then tap the easy-glide formula onto your eyelids with your ring finger. Cover your lid with this easy cream eyeshadow, then lightly buff out the edges with the Eye Blender Brush.

    Tilbury Tip: I recommend reaching for my Champagne shade - it’s an effervescent icy shade for instant glossy eyes!

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  5. Meg wearing a monochromatic makeup look for Charlotte's Pillow Talk Party campaign

    Monochromatic Eye Makeup

    There’s something so satisfying about a magical, monochromatic makeup look! I adore when the dreamiest eye makeup look has the perfect lipstick to match – that’s why I’ve created makeup collections to celebrate my favourite makeup shades like Pillow Talk and Walk of No Shame. Monochromatic makeup is so easy to choose, darlings; just reach for your favourite eyeshadow palette, then apply its matching shade of lip liner, lipstick, eyeliner, and blush for effortless monochrome beauty.

    Get the look: Select products from the same collection to create a mesmeric monochromatic eye makeup look. Choose Pillow Talk collection for a dreamy nude-pink look; Walk of No Shame for a confidence-boosting berry look; or The Super Nudes collection for a modern-matte nude makeup look.

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  6. Blessing wearing a siren eyes eye makeup look for Charlotte's Pillow Talk Party campaign

    Siren Eyes Makeup

    Have you heard of my iconic Feline Flick eyeliner look, darlings? Siren eyes are an emerging beauty trend that uses a similar technique to my Feline Flick winged liner method. To create this sultry, smoked-out eyeliner look, use an eyeliner to sketch out a lift-effect winged eyeliner, then use a dark eyeshadow to smoke upwards and outwards to create that captivating siren eyes effect. Then, delicately apply liquid eyeliner to sharpen the look of your inner corners and complete your transformation into a smouldering siren.

    Get the look: Reach for a liquid eyeliner like The Feline Flick in Panther to create a dramatic winged eyeliner, flicking upwards and outwards at the outer corner and creating an angular V shape at the inner corner that points downwards. Then, use the deepest shades in The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette to give your eyeliner a smokier finish before applying mascara.

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  7. Bella Tilbury wearing a sleepy eyes makeup look

    Sleepy Eyes

    You might’ve spent years trying to look more awake, darlings, but sleepy eyes are trending all over social media! Sleepy eyes makeup focuses on making eyes appear droopier and more down-turned as though you’re ready for a blissful night of beauty sleep. The sleepy eyes effect comes from keeping makeup minimal on your lids – maybe just a hint of eyeliner – then smoking a deep eyeshadow along the lower lashline to create a bottom-heavy, bedhead look.

    Get the look: Use the SMOKE shade from your favourite Luxury Palette to smoke along the lower lashline to create instant sleepy eyes, then apply a subtle reverse eyeliner with the eye-defining black shade from my Super Nudes Liner Duo.

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