Charlotte's Guide to Crystals - Benefits in Skincare

Discover the skincare benefits of crystals and crystal complex, found in Charlotte’s NEW! Magic Serum Crystal Elixir and Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir.


Crystals are beautiful rock formations that form underground in uniformed, repetitive patterns of atoms and molecules.

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Since the beginning of time, crystals have been loved by many due to the popular belief that they are purported to have magical powers and transmit positive energy.

Many regard crystals to have physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits to health and wellbeing, and different crystals are thought to affect the body, mind and your body’s energy field – also known as the chakra – in different ways.

Crystalline structures are believed to change the frequency in a room and bring everything from love to luck into your life! While some crystals are believed to promote calm and peace in one’s life, others are thought to have calming, soothing and empowering benefits.


Inspired by holistic wellbeing and the healing frequency of light and energy Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is MAGICALLY infused with a crystal complex of moonstone, ruby, rose quartz, crystal quartz and amethyst. Discover the benefits of these crystals found in Charlotte’s SUPERCHARGED face serum below…

MOONSTONE – traditionally known for CALM & PEACE

RUBY – traditionally known for PASSION & PROSPERITY

ROSE QUARTZ – traditionally known for LOVE

CRYSTAL QUARTZ – traditionally known for PURITY


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Tilbury Tip: Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir is also infused with crystal complex of moonstone, ruby rose quartz and amethyst.

“My approach to skincare has always been holistic and scientific – the POWER of beauty comes from the magic within! Just like my Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, my NEW! lip miracle is infused with a magical crystal complex for the spiritual and mythical power of crystals!” - Charlotte Tilbury


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Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

“While developing my supercharged serum with scientists, I wanted to ensure that my EXPERT, SCIENCE-POWERED formula captured not only the latest innovations in technology and the best of modern BIOCOSMETIC SCIENCE, but also THE SPIRITUAL/MYTHICAL POWER OF CRYSTALS. While I was developing my supercharged serum I was inspired by the myths and legends that suggest crystals have powerful properties. For centuries, people have carried them with them and kept them in their homes, due to their belief that they radiate a positive, pure and glowing energy. I have infused my INNOVATIVE new serum solution with a MAGICAL CRYSTAL COMPLEX. My NEW! Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir is a crystal conduit to your best skin yet!”


Medically-trained Dermatologist and author of critically-acclaimed skin guide - The Skincare Bible

“I have studied reiki, crystal healing and facial massage for many years and have always believed in the power of crystals to heal and energise a person’s aura. We are living in the CRYSTAL AGE and in the skincare industry, we are seeing the grand age of crystal and quartz tools, like my Butterfly Lift + Sculpt Rose Quartz gua sha stone. The crystal ingredients in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir are a powerhouse – they bring spiritual energy to the science-powered formula.”

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Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

With over 30 years experience, Charlotte Tilbury MBE is the world's number 1 makeup artist and British beauty entrepreneur. Charlotte established Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in 2013, which is now a record-breaking beauty brand that has won over 400 awards.