A Dreamy Nude Lipstick for Dark Skin

Discover Charlotte's dreamy nude lipstick for dark skin and how to choose the perfect nude lipstick for deeper skin tones.

A nude pout looks sultry, sophisticated and dreamy on all skin tones for any moment, mood or occasion, and the most magical way to wear a nude lip is with the magic of Pillow Talk! Discover the ultimate nude lipstick for dark skin tones and explore the gorgeous hues and tones to look out for when choosing your perfect nude lipstick…

Pillow Talk Intense Lip Close Up

What To Look For When Choosing A Nude Lipstick For Dark Skin

A nude lipstick’s key purpose is to enhance the look of your natural lips, without much fuss. A barely-there yet enhanced, defined nude pout brings sophistication and elegance to any makeup look, yet Charlotte knows that finding your perfect nude hue can be tricky. Finding the perfect nude lipstick for you will depend on your skin tone and undertones, along with preferred hues, formulas and finishes; it’s a super personal makeup mission!

When choosing a nude lipstick for dark skin, it’s a good idea to first determine your skin’s undertone.

If you have a cooler, caramel undertone to your skin, you may find that cooler golden, caramel and beige-toned nude shades suit you best.

Beauties with richer, warmer mahogany and rose undertones to their skin should look for deeper, sweeter brown-toned nudes for a dreamy, kissable pout.

With your skin’s undertone in mind, think about what formula and finish you’d like. Choose a matte finish lipstick for a long-lasting modern, supermodel pout, a satin finish for a sumptuous, luminous look or a glossy finish or lip gloss for a high-shine kiss of color!

Charlotte’s NEW! Berry-Rose Nude Lipstick For Dark Skin

A dreamy new addition to Charlotte’s magical makeup universe is her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Pillow Talk Intense; a magical nude lipstick for dark skin. It’s the universally-flattering, globally loved, ICONIC nude-pink shade, but dialled up for any mood, any moment and anyone with a deeper, sweeter kiss of Pillow Talk MAGIC!

In Charlotte’s moisturising K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula, this dreamy lipstick hydrates and paints your lips with the most magical berry-rose nude shade with a sumptuous satin finish. This deeper, sweeter hue of Pillow Talk looks gorgeous on all skin tones, but especially those with deeper skin tones.

How To Apply K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Pillow Talk Intense