Instant Hollywood False-Lash Effect Mascara


  • Posted on: 2/2/2017 By: olga

    Best mascara! I fell in love with her at first sight! Today ordered a gift for all girlfriends! Let them know what it is - the perfect mascara! Thank you !

  • Posted on: 12/18/2016 By: Alison

    I will say this for CT- she certainly knows what sample sizes to put in her products to get you purchasing. I do have reasonably long lashes but they often curl into my eye. I thought I loved full fat lashes mascara until I tried this. It lengthens and curls your lashes so much you won't need an eyelash curler! (But if you use one you will probably feel your lashes on your brow bone as I did!). Yet another sample size that I'm going to have to buy in full size! Sorry wallet!

  • Posted on: 8/17/2016 By: Samantha

    Let me tell you first, I am completely obsessed with mascara and how my eyelashes look everyday. I have the longest and straightest lashes ever. Absolutely nothing curls them and I have used every expensive mascara out there trying to get curl, and I end up having to curl my lashes for 5 mins just to get a little curl. However, I ordered this mascara for no reason (I saw it sponsored on Instagram one day) and knowing no reviews. Oh my, it is amazing! The volume it creates is insane and it actually curls my lashes!!! So I can't imagine how much curl a normal lash would get from this. I can't really talk about the lengthening just because my eyelashes are already really long. The price is definitely worth the product because it is absolutely amazing. I live in Canada and the product is at my door less than 3 days after I order which is fantastic. I highly recommend this mascara to everyone! Amazing product and I've never been happier with a mascara!

  • Posted on: 7/14/2016 By: Line

    Glides on like a dream, makes everything covered in black.
    Big lashes! Big Days!

    Love it, thank you!

  • Posted on: 7/1/2016 By: Kim

    I have very short lashes! So, I was SO excited to see that it made my lashes longer and fuller than any mascara I've tried in the past!! All of the reviews were spot on! My lashes were so long they almost reached my eyebrows! So you can imagine my disappointment when I glanced in the mirror about 4 hours into my shift and saw big black smudges under my brows! I tried using different eyeshadow bases, thinking maybe it would solve the problem. Still smudged terribly!! Removed most of my eyeshadow trying to wipe off the big black smudges! SO disappointed :(

  • Posted on: 5/20/2016 By: Karen

    I go from no lashes to WOW lashes with ONE COAT of this product. Holy Grail.... HOLY GRAIL.

  • Posted on: 5/19/2016 By: Anne

    Love it!

  • Posted on: 5/19/2016 By: Casandra

    I loved the way this made my lashes look! Unfortunately this smudged throughout the day. It was almost like it never dried properly.

  • Posted on: 5/18/2016 By: M4bel

    Just watching vids on youtube yesterday randomly I came across two reviews of this mascara - both raving wildly about it - so I bought it. Just like that. Never heard of it before these vids....

    Yesterday afternoon.

    Its arrived today!!!!

    Impressed :)))

    Couldn't wait for a clean eye, I was too intrigued and impatient for that, so I just put it on over my mascara I was already wearing, which is a 360* full-lash type of brand.... OMG!!!!!

    Put to SHAME old mascara brand!!!!


    This mascara is amazing, even on top of another brand one swipe and you can tell its superior! BIG lashes now!! Just how I like them!
    Thank you!

  • Posted on: 5/18/2016 By: Nicky

    Wow!! Amazing - believe the hype!! I'm really picky when it comes to mascara but this is fantastic. My eyelashes were touching the top of my brow bone and that was without eyelash curlers!!

  • Posted on: 5/17/2016 By: Susanne

    I have tried so very many products over the years. I was very intrigued by the claims made by the Magic Foundation. Tried it and love it. So, when I saw the claims for this mascara I had to give it a try. Finally, a mascara that lives up to the claims! Love love love

  • Posted on: 5/15/2016 By: COURTNEY

    Oh my word, I cannot explain how much this mascara has exceeded my expectations and created a brand new platform for mascara. Its the perfect blend of creaminess, wetness, fibrous length, shock able volume and all day wear! I have been using the same mascara for years and years, never being able to find a mascara that can persuade me to change it up. Until now...
    I received a sample from Charlotte in the post...(first of all I screamed because it was completely unexpected!!!)
    All it took was one try of Legendary Lash and my old mascara was thrown (sorry). It is so magnificent that I now have to hide my sample as my Mum keeps trying to smuggle it into her make up case. I've now had to buy 3 just to keep our family from going into a make up war over this product.
    This is everything I want in a mascara and much much more, down to the detail of the brush, the deposit of product and ofcourse the luxurious tube.

    Charlotte, you've done it again... the world owes you one ;)

    xox CB

  • Posted on: 5/14/2016 By: Michelle

    The best mascara I've ever used!!! I get asked if I'm wearing extensions!!!! This is my all times favourite mascara and will definitely stick with it + the bottle is beautifully designed

  • Posted on: 5/13/2016 By: Tbills1973

    It does EXACTLY what is claimed. My lashes look amazing with only one coat I looked like I had added some falsies!! It lasted all day and the color is intense. Finally a mascara that works!

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  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara
  • legendary-lashes-volumizing-mascara

New! Legendary Lashes is my new Instant Miracle Mascara that is inspired by starlets and supermodels, born on the red carpet! This revolutionary new lash-enhancing elastic formula extends out the lashes like a piece of elastic and holds them there for the longest, most luscious lashes of your life with 13x more volume in just three coats! It doesn’t clump, doesn’t crack and doesn’t drop! Whenever I do red carpet work I will choose to dial up either the eyes or lips, but one thing that is always FULL VOLUME are the lashes. A thick, lush Hollywood false lash effect will enhance the shape of your eye, bring out the eye colour and frame the entire face. This is really important as the longer the lashes, the more flattering the look - whether you are creating a wing, doll, or false-lash look, it is ALL about the lashes!

Unlike other volumizing formulas, the unique mix of waxes and genius ingredients ensures the formula is hydrating and full of bounce:

  • Marine Glycogen: a new, exciting hair tonic that is known to stimulate the growth of the hair follicle and the proliferation of keratin cells. It does this by feeding the follicle with energy during its most active period of growth.
  • Tamanu Oil (The Beauty Leaf Oil) has regenerating properties in order to protect, nourish and strengthen the lashes.
  • A special blend of waxes gives the mascara its elastic texture that glides over the lashes from the root right through to the tip, for false-lash length that feels weightless.
  • Carbon Black for extreme stand-out lashes & a deep colour intensity.
  • The innovative, multi-bristle flutter brush of Legendary Lashes has a collection of bristles of differing sizes. This ensures that even the most fine and short lashes are caught and coated, for separated, elongated lashes.

    Lashes Make A Legend.


    There are many ways to wear one mascara. The way you apply your mascara can dramatically change the shape and size of your eye. Here I will show you how you can wear your Legendary Lashes 3 different ways for a bigger, more intense or elongated eye:

  • The Wing Lash: elongates the eye. For a seductive, hypnotic look hold the brush diagonally across the lashes and pull the brush up and out at the outer edges for an exaggerated elongating effect.
  • The Doll Lash: opens up the eye. For an innocent, youthful look hold the brush vertically and pull up through the lashes from root to tip.
  • The False Lash: intensifies and frames the eye. For a glamorous, red carpet look hold the brush horizontally across the lashes and pull up through the lashes in a zig-zag action, nestling the brush first in the lash line.


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