Light-reflecting face primer


  • Posted on: 26/06/2017 By: F

    Got this as a random sample - tried it and loved it! Just ordered it as a must have addition to my makeup bag :)

  • Posted on: 02/06/2017 By: Michaela

    I never used a primer before, to be honest I thought they are useless.
    Then I got a sample of it and I gave it a chance.
    To me, it is one of the best product on the beauty market at current.
    No matter what make up one wears, this primer works.
    It makes such a difference.
    I never leave the house without it. It is just gorgeous.
    Thank you very much Charlotte, that your products are available in Germany now

  • Posted on: 27/04/2017 By: Mary

    Got a sample. Bought it then bought 2nd for my travel bag. Makes your face bright & dewy. Recommend.

  • Posted on: 19/04/2017 By: Cheryl

    I'm 56 years old and I love the dewy glow that Wonder Glow gives me face. I also use it under and over my foundation to give me face a bit of a sheen. I love the product. The first day I used this product together with the Magic Foundation my friend commented how my face looked glowing and dewy and she had no idea at the time that I was trying out my new face products from Charlotte Tilbury. I am now gradually stocking my make up bag with more Charlotte Tilbury products because they are so superior to other products on the market at a similar price.

  • Posted on: 26/02/2017 By: Laura

    This is a game changer. Wear alone or under foundation and you will glow glow glow. Makes my skin tone even and blurs fine lines.

  • Posted on: 11/02/2017 By: Lucy

    This really is a wonder product, I love it! It is super easy to apply and a slick over the skin adds a lit from within glow under the light wonder foundation. I now use it on a daily basis and would not be without it.

  • Posted on: 06/02/2017 By: Xiomarah

    Love, love, love the Wonderglow. Tried a sample size at first and immediately bought the full size version. It really gives a great within glow. Might be the best beauty product in my make-upbag!

  • Posted on: 28/12/2016 By: Afshan

    I really believe that your makeup bag is incomplete without this. Whether you're wearing makeup or not, you should always use a bit of this. It gives you this lovely glowing, healthy look. It's especially useful after a late night out.

  • Posted on: 08/12/2016 By: Megan

    I love to use this with my bridal clients, no matter what Foundation I use, for my brides, I ALWAYS use the Wonderglow as the base primer ans then also mix some into the foundation itself. It truly looks so beautiful on the skin.

  • Posted on: 04/12/2016 By: Toni

    This is a great primer. You can even wear it without foundation. It makes your skin look dewey (without being oily) and fresh-faced and looks great under magic foundation.

  • Posted on: 23/10/2016 By: Lauren

    I received a sample of this when I purchased the Magic foundation. I can honestly say it's amazing! I suffer with blemishes and uneven skin tone and this primer is just wonderful! It smells divine and glides on really easily. I love how it makes my skin glow and gives me a really dewy finish when worn under makeup. A definite winner!

  • Posted on: 16/10/2016 By: Louise

    I love all the skin care products Charlotte Tilbury has. I am 62 and since I have been using the magic cream and wonderglow everyday people have said that I look like I'm 40! Love love love all of it.

  • Posted on: 12/10/2016 By: Natalie

    This is a joy to use - it's so soft and lovely on the skin, it feels like a beautiful moisturiser and it gives me the most ethereal glow. When paired with my Light Wonder foundation, this gives me my perfect, glowing and NATURAL skin! Absolutely adore this as I do all of the CT products I own.

  • Posted on: 25/09/2016 By: Lizzie

    So happy I purchased this. Gives me a 'lit from within' glow. Also makes pores seem invisble, moisturises at the same time and is a great base for make up. Highly recommend. Smells amazing too, not artificial!

  • Posted on: 13/09/2016 By: Gayle

    just used sample and now ordering full size

  • Posted on: 17/06/2016 By: Matilda

    I purchased this as my housemate is incredibly good at make up and she swears by this stuff! I was using the mac primer which was good - it made my make up last long but this primer is fabulous! I always envy people who have pictures of themselves with gorgeous dewy skin but now I can have it too! This primer has glitter in it which gives you a very natural glow I've also got quite sensitive skin but found this worked wonders with my skin. It really gives you such a natural radiant glow and when I first used it, I went on a night out got a little worse for wear and crashed in my bed with my make up on! Make up just looked the same as the night before! Thank you Charlotte x

  • Posted on: 17/09/2015 By: Nicola

    Recently purchased this, and wasn't sure, as I have oily skin, but I needn't have worried, it's gives my skin a gorgeous dewy, glowy look,,which is needed when your heading towards 40!
    Only tried it alone as yet, but definately worth the money! Charlotte you are a genius!!!

  • Posted on: 06/07/2015 By: Hannah

    I tried (and bought) this product for the first time at the weekend after reading wonderful reviews. The product goes onto the skin very nicely and does not leave any 'glitter' on the face, but makes the skin look really radient. The skin does not feel heavy or clogged after using, even under foundation.
    I have not tried this product alone yet, only under foundation, but will be taking it on holiday with me to wear on an evening for that lovely holiday glow!

  • Posted on: 02/07/2015 By: Catherine

    I love this! It gives your skin a very natural, glowy look. It smoothes out pores and lines and makes your skin look so much better! My favourite product by a mile.

  • Posted on: 15/03/2015 By: Samuel

    Product is fantastic and works well on both women and men, as others have said it is not glittery at all!

    Recently used on holiday and the amount of compliments would get me buying again and again.

    The bottle however is cheap looking and clearly shows you how much the bottle is under filled. Such a shame!

    I know the type of product it is dictates how it needs to be stored and then applied (ie. tube needs to be squeeze as it is a liquid product) but so much more thought could have gone into this! It doesn't look right sat next to the magic cream or miracle glow cleanser! Could almost be from a different range!

  • Posted on: 14/03/2015 By: Sophie

    This is such a life saver of a product.

    The product is light and does feel like it's clogging pores, even when used under foundation. It just adds an extra something special to your routine and makes you look and feel like the best version of yourself, which is all anyone wants really.

    It's even great when used alone - for example on a hungover day, when putting on a full face is too much, but going bare faced would scare small children!

  • Posted on: 13/02/2015 By: Jackie

    I have bought this for the first time, and I both people I saw - I have been unwell recently - said how well I was looking. I used the primer and the foundation, and I did feel I looked well, rested, just good. When I say one of the people was my partner who wanted to know what was different as I looked great you can tell it did its job!

  • Posted on: 01/01/2015 By: Piou-piou

    In real life, Wonderglow looks a tad darker and less rosy than in picture: warmer and more vibrant. It is neither too pearly, nor glittery. Like champaign, it has a skillful balance of bubbly and sparkly!

    Because it enhances skin glow naturally and provides some slight tone correction, I usually skip foundation all together for an easy-going everyday look.

    Unlike many primers, it doesn't peel into those annoying balls. Believe me, this plus is far from neglectable! So far, it is compatible with my silicon-based BB/ CC cream, water-based foundation or even other primers.

    But not unlike many primers, less is more (hope this triple negation makes sense! ;-p).
    Excessive amount will give the face a metallic sheen, which is a really dated and aging look: in other words, a far cry away from the product's very purpose! That's why I prefer to mix a 1:5 ratio with my day cream.

    It feels very comfortable on my combination to dry skin. But one day, I got heavy handed and it gave me a tingling, almost stinging sensation for about 15 min. Other users got the same reaction on their skin. Not sure why, since I haven't detected any irritant in the formula before buying.

    Also, I would really love an opaque packaging, rather than a transparent one.
    Opaque (or at least translucent) packaging protects products from damaging light and abrupt temperature peaks, thus prolonging their shelf life.
    Keeping in mind that Wonderglow is a primer to be used sparingly, this change would just make sense.

    Fair enough, transparent packaging allows you to see through the quantity of product remaining. But a transparent tube is so cheap, contrary to what CT usually serves us!
    Even professional primers cost nearly twice less; then, for £38.50, a much higher-grade tube material would be legitimate.

    Apart from this aspect, I find that Wonderglow operates his magic full blast for evening looks and photos. True to its claims, it gives a soft focus finish and a candle-lit glow.
    I have the same opinion regarding "Filmstar Killer Cheekbones", those products really look their best under artificial light. You're welcome to read the review I posted about this contouring product indeed.

    Don't hesitate to apply Wonderglow on areas other than your face: a delicate touch on shoulders; or a strategic dab on the cleavage; a few strokes on the shin... will attract all the right lights a camera needs to capture.

  • Posted on: 19/11/2014 By: Christina

    Amazing,amazing primer it makes your face fres looks and dewy radiant looks. Is light on your skin and makes your face flawless with the CT foundation. It my first time bought this CT products I must admit it's brilliant. Tried every brands from chanel,mac,smash box,bare minerals all brands but this one is amazing.
    Highly recommend this magic glow. It suits to all kin type and I have sensitive skin but it goes well on my face.

  • Posted on: 07/11/2014 By: Nikki

    Purchased on a whim and what a great decision. This product doesn't give coverage but what it does do is prime the skin so it looks amazing. Not glittery but beautiful healthy looking skin! Invest invest invest! !!

  • Posted on: 22/06/2014 By: Christine

    So after getting the Retoucher ( see separate review , exceptional product) I also remembered Caroline Hiron did a " skin lit from with in" type cheat sheet . So I dig about in Caroline Hiron's website again as I was sure I had seen her speak about this product ( if Caroline has something good to say about a product you know it a winner ) . So I put this into my basket on a total whim , ok so a forty quid whim to get a free delivery but it was pay day and I was giddy , you know how it is.
    Product arrived and I started to panic while opening the beautifully wrapped /packaged product thinking " oh no " I'm 40 and I have bought a glittery product to go on my face am I crazy , I'm going to look like a disco ball , as soon as I was distracted by the wrapping these thoughts drifted out of my head.
    Still mesmerized with the retoucher I begin to put the wonderglow on my face.
    I stare back at myself but instead of seeing glitter and my face age overnight I am greeted with a subtle dewy glow , my skin looks moist - radiant HAPPY . Imagine that first gentle flush that comes across your face as your start working out or something else exciting.
    I double checked , ran to a mirror better light ( by better I mean harsher ) nope still the same.
    The result I feel I need less foundation , its is not glittery at all - just glowy , just dewy .
    Happy skin , happy me .
    Thanks again Charlotte amazing product .
    Ps Thanks Caroline Another awesome recommendation.

  • Posted on: 12/04/2014 By: Dana

    I ordered this recently after reading a glowing (!) review by Caroline Hirons on products that make you glow. I am definitely not disappointed! I have used it religiously since and think it is a fantastic product. I use it after skin care, first as a thin layer on its own (which looks lovely in itself) and then mixed with my BB cream (currently the new estee lauder one which is great but a tiny bit thick for me, need to try Wonder light when can get to store!) and the effect is really lovely - a subtle sheeny glow that lasts all day. This is a healthy "lit from within" glow that makes you look radiant, rather than a shimmery or glittery glow that some of the radiant/luminous foundations can leave you with. Really beautiful and very versatile - I have also put it over make up at the end of the day to perk everything up. Highly recommend!

  • Posted on: 04/04/2014 By: Joanna

    Another knock out product from the Amazing genius that is Charlotte Tilbury. I wear it after applying Magic Cream and the combination creates beautiful healthy glowing skin.
    Having combination skin I worry about looking oily with glow products or of them slipping off. This is totally different from anything else I've tried, glow without sparkle or shine! So lightweight but stays all day.
    I'd be happy to wear it alone but it also looks incredible with Light Wonder foundation for a truly flawless complexion. A little goes a long way, the tester packet still has loads in it and I've been using it for five days. I love to put it on all over, then add my foundation and then add a little more to highlight.
    I imagine it will look even more amazing on tanned skin but it does a great job of warming up my pale washed out winter skin tone. It's so light I forget I am wearing it but am constantly reminded by everyone commenting on how well I look!
    I can't recommend this enough but saying that I feel like a broken record because I haven't found a product that isn't amazing, they do everything promised and so much more.
    I have never before been brand loyal, I have Chanel, Lancome, By Terry, Estée Lauder, Hourglass, etc etc in my make up box but I'm getting rid of the lot, if it's not Charlotte Tilbury I'm not buying it.

  • Posted on: 10/03/2014 By: Deborah

    Very disappointed with this product, I see no visible difference to my skin when applied. I would definitely not re purchase.

  • Posted on: 26/02/2014 By: Heli

    The amazing healthy glow aside, that was expected, I would like to highlight the incredible peachy feel that the Wonderglow gives to my oily skin. Who could have imagined that I could get this softest skin ever with a primer. I had to think for a while what I had changed in my skin care regime until I realized what it was that gave this powdery soft skin. A must product in my makeup bag.

  • Posted on: 10/02/2014 By: Charlotte

    When I use this, I actually think I'm Jennifer Lopez my skin looks amazing and glowing without looking shiny. So many people say how amazing my skin looks. I use the multi miracle glow then the magic cream and this and wow is all I can say I'm in love with all of Charlotte's products not one thing I have bought has let me down everything is beautiful. if you want gorgeous glowing skin I would 100% buy this product!

  • Posted on: 22/12/2013 By: Hannah

    Like another reviewer I bought Wonderglow along with a few other products from the line after coming across the brand by chance and watching the 'How to' videos with Charlotte. Initially this wouldn't be a product I would generally invest in given that there are so many other products I am dying to try from the range and was apprehensive due to the price tag. I have tried primers before and never been bowled over however after using Wonderglow I believe it is worth every penny.

    A small amount of product goes a long way so you only need to use sparingly. It blends beautifully and the texture is very light. Wonderglow feels like a second skin. The product smells amazing and the amount of shimmer is just right. It makes my skin look lit from within.

    If you decide to invest in anything from Charlotte Tilbury I would definitely recommend this be on your list!

  • Posted on: 16/10/2013 By: Kirsty

    Since using Wonderglow so many people have commented on how "well" I am looking . It is the perfect primer under foundation and gives an amazing boost to your skin when applied on top. Fabulous product that I now couldn't live without.

  • Posted on: 04/10/2013 By: Nicola

    I'm very happy I tried this, I've used a lot of these types of products before, some don't blend all that well, and some have been far too shimmery or glittery and not especially suitable for a daytime/natural look. This however works really well under foundation, mixed with foundation, or dabbed onto the high points of the face, cheekbones etc., which is my preferred way of using it. Colour wise it is a really pretty champagne/gold colour, I am still quite tanned at the moment and tend to tan a fairly golden colour but this still shows up nicely and gives a lovely finish to the skin.. I actually think it will look even better in the winter when I am paler. You only need a tiny amount, so it should be long lasting too. Love it x

  • Posted on: 04/10/2013 By: Janice

    I bought Wonderglow along with several other products after watching Charlotte's 'How To' videos. I am now in love with everything! Wonderglow is a dream to apply and leaves skin looking like you've had eight hours sleep and drank eight glasses of water (even if you haven't). Can't wait to try even more of Charlotte's stunningly packaged products.

  • Posted on: 04/10/2013 By: Kate

    I bought Wonderglow along with a number of other products from the line to create a perfect look for my wedding. I have been delighted with all my products but this one in particular is outstanding and one of the best products I've ever used (and I've used many!). It's amazing mixed with foundation but is just as fabulous used on its own, which is how I used it whilst on my honeymoon. With slightly tanned skin it evened out my complexion and added an amazing luminosity; basically it does what it says and gives a totally wonderful glow! Holy Grail Product.

  • Posted on: 07/09/2013 By: Sarah

    Another gorgeous product. I applied this before foundation and it gave my skin immediate luminosity. Using this with the Miracle Glow and Magic Cream really helps to even out my skin tone and make the skin look refreshed. This glides on seamlessly and when used with foundation it gives your skin an extra pop that you don't get from using foundation on its own. Make up bag staple!

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Darlings, turn around tired, dull, dehydrated skin in a beauty flash! My Wonderglow face primer features ingredients to give your complexion an instant pick-me-up to create an effortlessly dewy look. 100%* of users agreed that their skin was radiant and appeared more youthful after applying my Wonderglow! It’s one of my 7 wonders for your skin!


• Use the Wonderglow face primer underneath your foundation OR on its own for a relaxed dewy look.

• State of the art fluorescent core light diffuser absorbs UV particles from the sun and reemits their energy as visible light, illuminating your skin.

• Soft focus ceramic microspheres smooth over wrinkles and imperfect skin tone, creating an anti-ageing optical illusion for a flawless, poreless complexion.

• Anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen to promote elasticity in your skin.

• Ideal for those seeking an effortlessly dewy look.

• Paraben-free

• Fill 40ml

• Carton Dimensions (mm) 41 x 22 x 110

Discover your #GLOWMO moment.

*Tested on 32 women, aged 35-65, over a 3 week period

1. To use, start by massaging Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser into your skin.

2. For a ‘no makeup’ look, apply the Wonderglow face primer using your fingers, focusing on top of the cheekbones to lift your features.

3. If you are applying underneath your foundation, follow step 2, then apply Light Wonder foundation on top for luminous coverage.

4. To go from desk to disco, apply a walnut-sized amount of the Wonderglow face primer on top of your foundation to perk up your complexion and give you a gorgeous beauty glow.

Charlotte’s Tip: Use this face primer with The Retoucher Concealer to give you flawless, lightweight coverage.

Water (Aqua), Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Silica, Mica, Squalane, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Nylon-12, Isononyl Isononanoate, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Sodium Potassium Aluminum Silicate, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Isohexadecane, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Polysorbate 60, Polysorbate 40, Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolor Extract, Caramel, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Disodium Edta, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Nylon-12 Fluorescent Brightener 230 Salt, Sodium Hydroxide, Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Lactate, Sorbitan Isostearate, Coco-Glucoside, Fragrance (Parfum), Polyvinylalcohol Crosspolymer, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Tocopherol, Plumeria Rubra Flower Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Nicotiana Sylvestris Leaf Cell Culture, Citronellol


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