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Scent of a dream - Symbolism

The Dreamy Look In A Clutch

The Dreamy Look In A Clutch is inspired by the dreamy spot-lit beauty that supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Gigi Hadid possess. That flawless, poreless, airbrushed supermodel dream skin that catches the light, and transports you to another realm! This look is a gorgeous, super-flattering, glowing, dreamy veil of makeup that suits everyone, transforming the wearer from ‘gorgeous girl’ to ‘goddess of the party'.

The clutch contains:

  • Luxury Palette: Legendary Muse
  • Mini Legendary Lashes
  • Mini Legendary Eye Liner: Bedroom Black
  • Mini Legendary Lip Liner: Bitten Kiss
  • Hot Lips™: Secret Salma
  • USB with Exclusive Video Tutorial

    The dreamy look acts as a filter for the face, it’s like starlight bottled; giving you that heavenly, otherwordly dreamy perfection that attracts and enchants!

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