How to Detox Your Skin

This party season, you’ll thank us for this detoxing skincare guide! When we’re caught up in fabulous parties and after work drinks, it’s too easy to neglect your skin. Before you know it, you’re left with dehydrated skin in desperate need of a good skincare routine. We’ve spoken about the importance of your winter skincare essentials, but if your skin is in need of a little TLC, we’re showing you how to get perfect skin once more!

The secret ingredient to fixing dehydrated skin? The Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit.

Gift of Red Carpet Skin Travel Kit

You can admire it… we’ll wait…

This kit of beauty is perfect for flinging into your travel bag for weekends away and holidays, as well as stashing in your bathroom cabinet. This skincare detox kit has everything you need to fix dehydrated skin and create a glowing complexion ready for the holidays.

Step 1: The Clay Mask

Goddess skin is just a step away with this clay mask that will draw out all your impurities and leave you with instantly brighter looking skin. Spanish Clay and Sweet Almond Oil helps to keep your skin smooth and nourished, not drying like most clay masks! Apply this on a Sunday night to fully relax and revitalise your skin for the week ahead. Wash off with a warm flannel to reveal baby-soft skin.

Step 2: The 3-in-1 Multi-Miracle Glow

This miracle-working cleanser has 3-in-1 properties so you can use it as an everyday cleanser to remove makeup, or use as a mask before bed. By wearing it overnight, you will wake up to the best skin of your life; smooth, supple & the perfect complexion for your makeup! This cleanser is the ideal party antidote to detox your skin.

Step 3: Magic Cream Moisturiser

The iconic formulation will intensely moisturise your skin to transform dull, dehydrated skin. Apply in circular motions to stimulate circulation to leave your skin youth-boosted and plumped-up. The SPF-15 and anti-UVA protection in this moisturiser will help to protect your skin from harmful effects of the sun, so you can keep a gorgeous glow all night long.

Step 4: Wonderglow Yourself

This product was practically invented for those suffering from a little too much hedonism. Wonderglow face primer is a glow-giving formula that soft-focuses pores and imperfections, all while giving your skin a much-needed radiance boost. Perfect for late nights that turn into early mornings, and sure to add glow to ANY complexion.

Step 5: Supermodel Body

The Holiday season calls for glimmering limbs that shimmer under the disco ball lights. Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t glow! Supermodel Body is the ultimate body shimmer that will give you a luminous glow under the dance floor lights. Add a little of this radiance to your body every day to give your skin a boost!

Step 6: Makeup Remover

No skincare detox would be complete without a hard-working makeup remover. Die-hard makeup fans will need extra nourishment, and this oil-based two-tone cleanser will keep your eyes refreshed after days of party makeup.