Welcome to Charlotte Tilbury Beauty: My make-up revolution

“Give a woman the right make-up, and she can conquer the World” 

It has always been a dream to launch my own make-up range and so, after 21 years in the industry, I am overjoyed and so humbled that it is finally happening.

As a make-up artist, I have spent a lot of my career consulting on make-up lines, working with the most incredible laboratories around, and have been fortunate enough to discover new ingredients years before they hit the shelves.  I have learnt so much about how to create formulas and textures, what ingredients work together and how to curate beautiful colour harmonies, so when it came to creating my own range, I really knew exactly what I wanted and couldn’t wait to start creating new make-up concepts.

My Make-up Revolution

I am always awed by the incredible power of make-up to transform not only a face, but someone’s confidence and state of mind.  As a make-up artist, I witness it every day on my clients and in my own life, so it’s time to share this with as many women as I can. Beauty is not an exclusive club!

A few years ago I read a study on the make-up habits of British women and was astounded to learn that nearly 50% of women in the UK do not regularly use colour cosmetics!  The reasons given: they don’t know what to use, they don’t know how to use it and they think they don’t have the time.  Make-up is a women’s secret weapon and has the ability to make you feel amazing – and when you feel incredible the World reacts to you in a different way.

So, my aim was to create a make-up range for everyone: the make-up junkies (that’s me), the time-poor working women (me also!), the cynical and the down-right terrified of colour, and share with every woman how, with the right make-up it can transform your life!

Easy to Choose, Easy to use, Irresistible

I want to revolutionise the way we shop and use make-up, ensuring failsafe results every time: between the navigation, tools, formulas and application guidelines, I have literally decoded and poured my artistry into a range of make-up that is:

And Irresistible…

Easy to Choose Colour-Curated Cosmetics. All my colour products are curated into 10 looks.  Each look represents a different woman and her lifestyle.  As a make-up artist working in fashion, you share a library of influences and imagery with the designers, photographers and other creatives, to create and update classic, iconic looks and new trends. It makes it easy for me to tailor a look that suits a face as well as a lifestyle.  The 10 looks at the heart of my brand range from:

5 natural looks and 5 nocturnal looks to take you from desk, to dusk, to disco! Over this week I will be introducing each woman, and will be sharing with you the How-To tutorial video that de-codes each look.  Every look and product in my range has its own How-To video – this took ages to create so I apologise for my lack of recent videos – enjoy!

The Rock Chick

Easy to Use Make-up. All the products in my range are so easy to use, you can’t go wrong, no matter how confident you are with make-up.  Formulas that glide on and blend in a hurry, ergonomically designed handles that are effortless to use and de-coded artistry in the form of instruction on pack and how-to videos.  They are just as easy to use in the back of a taxi, as they are in front of your vanity mirror, and give you quick, easy and flawless results every time.

I call them my range of ‘Treat & Transform Colour Hybrids’. We all want fast results but with benefits that can last.  I am so proud to introduce a range of TT “Treat & Transform” Colour Hybrids: all the formulas, from my Magic Cream to my Rock ‘n’ Kohl eye liner, are enriched with long-term anti-aging ingredients that instantly transform your look as well as treat the skin in the long-term.  Like my pot of cream, there’s a touch of Magic in every one!

The range will be launching on 2nd September through charlottetilbury.com, Selfridges and Net-A-Porter. In the meantime, look out for my sneak peek pop-up in the Selfridges Beauty Hall from this Thursday 29th August and keep checking my blog as I will continue to “strip-tease” the rest of my range!

xx Charlotte

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