What’s In A Cream?

So many questions come up again and again over the Fashion Weeks: What are the coming season’s big trends? What are my must-have products backstage? How can I work on my feet for 16 hours in stilettos?

But the most asked question this season was about what goes into my hand-blended moisturising potion, Charlotte’s Magic Cream as it’s known backstage.

Each season, before I head to New York for my first shows, we mix up pots and pots of it, and use it on all the girls backstage.

I am obsessed with skincare. It’s so important for keeping a youthful, blemish-free complexion. I have never found a cream that does the job so over the years I’ve perfected my own, which gives the skin a radiant glow and creates the perfect base for make-up.

A woman should never reveal her secrets… so I can’t tell you what’s inside. But I don’t want to flaunt and taunt anymore! So what I will share is my philosophy on the best skin prep, and what I look for in a good magical skincare routine.

The richer the better:

Everyone I come across, from models to my mother, has dehydrated, stressed-out, fragile skin. You may have an oily T-zone, but all skin types benefit from a rich, oily cream. Nothing is better at cutting through oil than oil itself.  Modern-day fluids and runny serums just don’t do it. An oil-rich cream lifts your complexion, highlights your cheekbones, soothes and comforts stressed out skin and is the perfect starting point for any make-up look.

Keep traditional:

I love to use facial oils, either as a treatment or mixed in with my moisturiser. I prefer floral extracts and traditional skincare oils that women have been using for years: neroli, rose hip and camellia are all great at regenerating the skin, leaving it plumped and glowing. Damask Rose water and Cornflower water are great for resuscitating tired skin tones and soothing skin – and they smell divine.

Start now:

You are never too young to start using great skincare.  I started using an anti-age eye cream when I was 16, and I’ve never looked back. I’m a skincare junkie – I always research creams before I buy them and I have tried every lotion and potion on the market.  The ingredients I always look out for are hyaluronic acid (to flood the skin with moisture), retinol (to renew the skin) and peptides (to boost collagen production for a virtual face lift).


Tired, lacklustre skin needs lots of love and attention! I massage my face every morning as I apply my Magic Cream. It gets a workout every day. Tapping your skin in a pitter patter motion stimulates lymphatic drainage, relaxes the furrows on the forehead and generally brings your skin back to life. I’m known backstage for my tap tap method and I swear by it!  Using your ring finger to apply eye cream also has the lightest touch, important for fighting off nasty wrinkles .

The really good news is that, with the shows now over, I have one spare pot of my Magic Cream, and I’m going to give it away to one lucky follower. All you need to do is sign up to my newsletter, and it could be yours!

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Good luck! xx

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