An exclusive programme for accredited makeup professionals.

BENEFITS: Charlotte Tilbury Pro members will receive a 30% discount, be invited to pro master classes & events, and will receive communications about the product range and helpful tips and techniques.

PURCHASE POLICY: Members will enjoy a 30% discount for a year on CharlotteTilbury.com and will have an annual cap of €2,400. Members can not purchase more than 5 of each product in one transaction. Members cannot share their discount. Charlotte Tilbury Pro has the right to withdraw benefits from a member at any time. Product exclusions apply (see FAQs below for more details).

HOW TO APPLY: To become a member of Charlotte Tilbury Pro, email pro.applications@charlottetilbury.com with the following details and scans of the required documentation (see FAQs below for more details on documentation). Details required: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Mobile number, Home Address, Country, Website and Social Media Handle(s).

How do I become a member?

To become a member of Charlotte Tilbury Pro, fill in the application form on the Pro area of charlottetilbury.com and email your finished application form to pro.applications@charlottetilbury.com along with scans of the required documentation.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

It will take approximately 15 working days for your application to be processed. If we receive high volumes of applications, this process may be longer. If your application is delayed beyond 15 working days, we will notify you by email.

How do I update my personal details?

Successful applicants will be able to update their details on the “My Account” section of charlottetilbury.com at any time.

Is membership available in all countries?

Yes, membership is available in all countries. Your membership will only be valid in your country of residence.

Why must my membership be available in my country of residence only?

Membership is available in all countries, although it will be bound by the rules and regulations pertinent to each country. To change your country of residence, please notify us by email to pro.applications@charlottetilbury.com and we will change your account within 15 working days.

I am a MUA student, can I become a member?

We do not have a student programme, however MUA students are welcome to come to our student masterclasses and events, and will be welcome to discounts that apply at these events. This is subject to change.

Where I can use my discount?

Your 30% discount is available on charlottetilbury.com only. Discounts may be available in some Pro master classes and events. This is subject to change.

Does my discount apply on all products?

Your 30% discount will be applicable on most products, with the exception of the following, which are not included: Pocket Pout, Legendary Party Eyes, Mini Lipstick Charms, Film Noir Night, Legendary Muse Luxury Palette, 6 Shades Of Love, Filmstar Killer Cheekbones, The Dreamy Look In A Clutch, Magical Mini Brush Set, Giant Charlotte's Magic Cream, Gift Cards and all Look sets. Your discount will not be applied on any products that are already on offer.

Is this the membership free?

Yes, membership to Charlotte Tilbury Pro is free. This is subject to change.

How do I renew my membership?

Each year you will be reminded of your renewal date. At this point we may require updated documentation to renew your account. You will be informed of what documentation is needed in advance of renewal.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will remain the same as in the existing shipping policy in your country of residence. Please see the shipping page for more information.

Can I return products?

The membership return policy will remain the same as the existing return policy in your country of residence. Please see the returns page for more information.

How long is my membership valid for?

Your membership is valid for 1 year from the notification date of your successful application.

I already have a charlottetilbury.com account, can I still sign up to Charlotte Tilbury Pro?

Yes, you can still sign up to Charlotte Tilbury Pro if you have an existing charlottetilbury.com account. If your application to Charlotte Tilbury Pro is successful, your 30% discount will be applied to your existing account.

Is there a cap on my discounted purchases?

Yes, there is an annual cap of €2,400 on your account. This is subject to change.

What documentation do I need to have to become an accredited member?

The Pro requirements are as follows:

•One valid photo identification

Completed application

•And two pieces of professional makeup artist criteria (valid within the past 2 years):

•Composite Card

•Business card with name, specific Makeup Artist profession and link to professional website

•Editorial page with name credit

•Link to professional website

•Union card

•Professional valid license

•Crew Call list on production company letterhead

•Reference letter from employer

•Pro cards from MAC, Make‐up forever, Bobbi Brown, Nars

•One of the following certificates:

• City & Guilds

• BTEC Level 4

•NVQ/SVQ Beauty Therapy/Make-Up level 2 & 3

•ITEC Diploma Fashion theatre and Media Make-up

•VTCT Theatrical and Media Make-Up or an equivalent qualification from your Make-up School/Academy

Can I still receive samples?

Yes, as a member of Charlotte Tilbury Pro, you will still be able to choose and receive samples with each charlottetilbury.com order.

Applicants must apply in country of residence. Membership discounts are currently only available online through charlottetilbury.com. Charlotte Tilbury reserves the right to limit purchases. Currently there is an annual limit of €2,400. Exceeding this limit may result in the suspension or revocation of your Pro Membership. Products purchased by Pro Members using their membership discount are for the member’s personal and professional use only, and may not be resold under any circumstances. Membership discounts may not be shared with others under any circumstances. Membership discounts may not be used to purchase products that are promoted as “free product with service”. Benefits are available in all countries, although your discount will be applicable in your country of residence only. Membership benefits are non-transferrable. Charlotte Tilbury Pro reserves the right to verify your continued eligibility and may request additional professional documentation at any time. Select benefits such as Charlotte Tilbury Pro events and Master Classes, may be at an additional cost to members. Space or supplies at Pro events and Master Classes may be limited. Charlotte Tilbury reserves the right to modify the Charlotte Tilbury Pro Membership program and its benefits at any time without prior notice. Visit charlottetilbury.com for more information about guidelines and purchase policy. Information provided by applicants by which they can be identified will be used in accordance with the Charlotte Tilbury privacy policy.

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