NEW! Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise


Quick, Easy Shadow & Pencil Duos for the Perfect Cat Eye

The Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise are the perfect solution to quick, easy cat eyes for every eye colour and skin tone. Charlotte has created 4 brand new eye shadow and eye liner duos of a Nocturnal Cat Eye Shadow and mini Rock n Kohl pencil to make your eyes come alive at night. The colours are sophisticated shimmers for a smokey eye that flatters.

Charlotte has always been inspired by the hypnotic gaze of wild cats in the night. The way they light up at night and entrance their victim. Charlotte has also spent years studying their shape to mimic the flick that gives the entire eye a lift. This new, unique eye shadow formulation helps to achieve this sultry look in one swipe. Paired with the award-winning, revolutionary Rock n Kohl Liquid-eye pencil, in 4 new shades, you can rock all night with out losing your kohl.

Available in 4 limited edition colour ways:

On the Prowl + Supernova – an antique byzantium aubergine flecked with pearl and partnered with a smoky plum liner.

Silver Leopard + Black Magic – a glittering gunmetal grey with an intense petrol eyeliner.

Midnight Seduction + Sapphire Sex – a sparkling midnight blue hue with a deep azure shimmer kohl.

The Huntress + Amber Moon – a smoky golden bronze partnered with a rich brown amber kohl.

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