My beautiful niece, Bella, doing her #minutemakeup using my new #beachsticks in #ibiza and #moonbeach. Show me your #minuteselfie 0 Seconds Start with a clean, moisturised, beach-fresh face. 15 Seconds Use my gorgeous, heavenly, burnished bronze Ibiza Beach Stick to stripe along … Continue reading

Beach Sticks – Who will you be?

Who Will You be

Take a tour around the islands with me. Explore the inspiration behind my Easy-Makeup-In-A-Minute Beach Sticks. Discover the colour origins, and why I really have captured your Ibizan Summer in a Stick… Moon Beach Moon Beach is a luminous rose-gold, … Continue reading

Reveal Your Inner Rebel

missoni binki

The Rebel is exotic, sultry, and super flattering with a sun-kissed, golden tan. Wear it in the evening on the beach, or atop a rooftop bar in the city sun – its hypnotizing, emerald, grey-green tones will make your eyes … Continue reading