Cleopatra Halloween Makeup

Makeup by Sofia Tilbury, featuring Bella Broekman Tilbury as Cleopatra in a One of a Kind Gold Dress, as worn by Francoise Hardy


Cast a spell with The Cleopatra Look this Halloween

Recreate the infamous look of one of Charlotte’s favourite characters in literary and film history: Cleopatra. Inspired by the ultimate icon Elizabeth Taylor in the epic film Anthony & Cleopatra, this look is mesmerizing, magical and mysterious. Use Rock n Kohl and the award-winning, beguiling blue Eyes to Mesmerise in Cleopatra to revive the Egyptian Queen’s iconic eye look.

Watch the video and follow the steps below for makeup to entrance and enchant this Halloween...

STEP 1: Prep the skin with Charlotte's Magic Cream and create your flawless base with Magic Foundation, Mini Miracle Eye Wand and The Retoucher.

STEP 2: This look focuses on the strong Egyptian eyebrow: brush up the brows to reveal the shape then fill in brows using Rock N Kohl: Bedroom Black.

STEP 3: Use masking tape to help cheat the perfect shape for your eyeshadow - from the inner brow to the inner corner of the eye, and from the outer brow to outer corner of the eye.

STEP 4: For Cleopatra's gaze, fill in the stencil with Eyes To Mesmerise: Cleopatra with your Blender Brush and carefully peel the masking tape off to reveal the shape.

STEP 5: Line your upper and lower lash line with Rock N Kohl: Bedroom Black.

STEP 6: Make your Cleopatra flick shape with masking tape then run your Bedroom Black along the edge of the tape.

STEP 7: Add lashings of Full Fat Lashes Mascara to complete the eye look.

STEP 8: For the lips, trace the natural shape of the lips with Lip Cheat: Iconic Nude, then fill in your pout using Matte Revolution: Very Victoria

STEP 9: Contour like Cleopatra using Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow with the sculpt shade. With your highlighter shade, drip candlelight on the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and décolletage. For a pop of colour use Cheek to Chic Blusher in Sex On Fire.